The Chatterbox- Poem by Malavika Vinod

  • Contributed by : Malavika Vinod
  • Status : Dream Dream Dream....
  • Class : 3
  • School : The Indian Community School Kuwait-Khaitan
  • Age : 8
  • Mode : Simple
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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She was born with beautiful eyes and the prettiest look
On a blissful Friday evening.
I was enthralled to see her
My dream had come true…

Time flew; she grew to be a darling of mine
I know she is a bit naughty now
And that she would  never stop chattering,
But I love her all the same.

 Her smile reaches all the way till her cheeks.
She is delicate as a daisy, her gaze is smooth as silk.
She would mess up all my hard works,
But still she is close to my heart.

 I enjoy celebrating with her,
Her fits of laughter makes every party fun.
She dances all the day
Jumping and cartwheeling in the air.

 She whiles away the evening
 Playing with her cute stuffies
And at night she cuddles me tightly by her own
My little sister, my chatterbox!

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