World Environment Day- Speech by Ann Tony

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Respected dignitaries on stage, off the stage, teachers and my dear friends,

Our environment is one of the most important factors which help us survive on this planet. Every thing which surrounds us- the air ,water and the land in which  people, plants,trees , animals live is defined as our environment.  It helps us in various ways. The air we breathe , the clothes we wear , the wood we use, medicines we take and many more are all from our environment. It also plays a very important role in bringing  the much required resource for us- Water.  So, it is absolutely important for us to protect our environment.

Our environment provides us with a lot of things, but what do we give in return? Nothing, but disturbances. We disturb the whole Mother Nature. Our disturbances not only affect the life of trees and other resources but  also affects our life. Have you ever thought what are we doing?? After eating chips and chocolates, we throw the wrappers to the road. After drinking juice we throw the cans to the road.

All the wastes we throw to the road and make them look so dirty. When heaps of wastes piled together helps  mosquitoes and other insects to grow. These insects spread various diseases. Plastics take at least 450 years to decompose with the soil. Even after decomposing, the soil won’t be suitable for growing crops in the future. We all know that Global Warming , which is one of the root causes which ruins the environment is because of us. Therefore, we have to unite together to take some steps to reduce global warming, pollution and all the other stuffs which ruins our environment.

'‘WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY’’ is celebrated on 5th June every year. It is celebrated to spread the awareness of planting trees as well as conserving our environment and our natural resources. The theme of world environment day 2020 is to focus on Biodiversity. It will be hosted in Colombia in partnership with Germany. Why are we caring about diversity? All the organisms are interrelated with each other. and so preservation of food chain is very important. Each and every thing in our environment, irrespective of their sizes is vital in this chain and  play a role in maintaining the balance.

 Other than, Global warming, there are also some other factors that affects our environment.
1. Air Pollution
2. Deforestation
3. Overpopulation
4. Climatic changes

Let us now think about what we can proactively do to to reduce these disturbances.

1. Plant more and more trees.
2. Save water: You can do this at your home itself by turning off the taps when you are brushing or using a mug than taking a shower.
3. Close your curtains on hot days, to keep the house cool and try to reduce the use of fans or air-conditioners.
4. Let the clothes dry with the heat of the sun.
5. Try to reduce plastic. Use cloth bags for shopping.
6. Stop using fossil fuels. Instead, use clean energy.
7. Practice the environmental cube, R3: Always REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE

We all are a part of the nature and we are very much dependent on her. So, let us plant  more trees and save our mother nature. Let us bring awareness about the use of plastic . So today, on world environment day ,let us all take an oath that we will be united in our fight to protect our mother  nature . Let us hope that  our world will be a better place so that our next generation can live a healthy life.

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