My Dream- By Nadia Mustaq

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Hello friends, today I am here to share with you some of my amazing dreams.  I am a very imaginative person and I see wonderful dreams every single night. I can even daydream! Most of the stories or essays that I write are based on my dreams. So here are some of them that you might enjoy reading.

One night as I was about to sleep, a thought struck my mind. How did our earth get its colour? And that night I got my answer. This is what I saw in my dream: one day God was sitting in heaven and eating his favourite dessert ‘JELLY.’ He had a blue and a green-coloured jelly. As he was about to eat them, it slipped out of his hand. Both the jelly fell on Earth and that is how Earth got its colour! Well, that was a wonderful dream. I even gave this little dream of mine for publishing in our school magazine.

Another night I had my dinner which was tasty mango juice and sandwiches. After eating, I quickly finished my chores and went to sleep. You know I love mango juice. So that night I dreamt that the whole city of Kuwait was flooded with mango juice! I was very happy with this dream of mine. Without thinking anything I jumped into the pool of mango juice.

Surprisingly I landed on big mango pulp. I bit a small piece from it. Yum! It was delicious. I then dived into the pool of mango juice, drinking it to my hearts content. Just when I finished drinking, I felt that something was hitting me hard. It was my mom. I was very busy dreaming that I didn’t realize that I had missed my school bus, but I have to say, it was one of my incredible dreams.

The next night I saw a very terrible dream. I was going outside to buy some vegetables. Just when I stepped out someone caught hold of me and pushed me inside a van. They took me into a closed farmhouse where there were no ventilators. The kidnappers also closed the front door. And as I was a claustrophobic person, I had a problem with breathing. It was very frustrating as  I couldn’t control my breathing in reality. Luckily at the right time, I opened my eyes. I saw that my face was facing towards the pillow. I couldn’t breathe because my face was pressed on to the pillow and so my nose got covered. The next morning when I said this to my family, we all had a good laugh.

The other night I was reading the book ‘HARRY POTTER’. And after reading I went to sleep. That night I dreamt that all the characters in that book had come alive. Some people on magic brooms told me that they had come to inform me that I had a place in their ‘HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY’. They took me to Diagon Alley where I could buy books. After buying all the necessary items that I needed we went to school. Everyone was there at Hogwarts. All the professors, Harry, Ron and Hermione and the rest of the students. I was very excited. The sorting hat said that I was suitable for Gryffindor house.

I first went with them to the potions class, which was very boring. I then went for the class of Defense against dark arts which was very interesting. We then went to have our lunch. It was a sumptuous meal. After lunch, we went and saw many magical creatures in the forbidden forest which was located near Hogwarts castle. Just when I came out of the forest, I heard someone calling me. It was my mom and I was dreaming again. How I wish this dream had come true! I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Well, it was a quite enjoyable dream.

These are only 4 out of my amazing collection of dreams. If I start telling you all of them then it will be uncountable. I hope you enjoyed.

Dreams are beautiful experiences, out of which many of them often come true and many of them are just our imagination. I feel that dreams take us into another world of reality. I just love dreaming!

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  1. Amazing dreams Nadia🤩
    Loved reading ur interesting yet exciting piece of writing. Keep exploring 👍