Water Pollution- Essay By Justin Sebastian

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Water is the elixir of life. Today, Scientists are sending satellites to the moon and Mars to detect the presence of water. Presence of water symbolises the existence of living organisms. It is the basic need for all lives. Without understanding its worth, mixing of unwanted waste, dirt and harmful chemicals into the water bodies is called water pollution.

There are many ways in which water gets polluted. Volcanic eruptions and the growth of algae on lakes and ponds are some of the ways in which water gets polluted naturally. By dumping garbage wastes into the water bodies, we are not just polluting the water but we are actually disturbing the whole food chain. Ship wreckage, spilling tones of oil into the sea, kills lots of aquatic organisms. Certain species of turtles are becoming extinct.

Even though 70% of the earth is filled with water only 3% is available as drinking water. The extensive release of toxic chemical wastes of industries into the water bodies is worsening the situation. Because of such things, many villages are suffering from various diseases. Kidney failure, skin infections, vision problems and even cancer is caused by using such polluted water.

 Disposing of agricultural wastes and household drainage water into rivers and streams are also adding to water pollution. Many states are now setting up wastewater treatment plants to purify water. This system is found to be very effective. It's not only used for industrial purposes but is found to be as clean as drinking water. Our government is taking various steps to make India clean. Holy rivers like Ganga and Yamuna are now being cleaned. Our ancestors worshipped nature as God, but we are polluting, protecting nature and preventing pollution will be the true way of worshipping God.

If the present scenario, if pollution continues, I feel two generations next to me will have to see water in the museum. We kids have our rights over the natural resources. Conservation of water by reducing water pollution is the immediate need of the hour. Let us take a firm stand that we will  fight to prevent water pollution and will do whatever we can so that our next generation can survive.

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