My Unexpected CORONA Holidays-Vedant Menon

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We travelled to Kerala from Goa on March 8 because of my maternal grandmother's sudden illness. First, we went straight to our paternal grandparent’s house at Alwaye, Kerala. My parents suggested that we stay there as they went straight to the hospital to take care of my maternal grandmother. We stayed there for one week along with our paternal grandparents.

We really enjoyed our stay. We plucked mangoes, visited temples, and sometimes I took my grandmothers tab to watch my favourite football team matches on YouTube. We used to peep into our old albums and at times, some of those old pictures looked funny. After one week, my father returned to Goa and my mother took us to our maternal grandparent’s house. By this time my grandmother was discharged from hospital and was advised to take rest at home.

After two days, on 24th March, Government of India took a decision to lock down the country to fight against the COVID 19 Virus. So we decided to stay till the situation returns to normal.

My parents advised me and my little brother to wash our hands with soap at regular intervals. Whenever I want to cough or sneeze I cover my mouth with a towel or tissue. All our family members followed this routine without excuse. Nowadays we are not going out for shopping, movies, etc. I am waiting for this Corona to vanish so that my cousin brothers and sisters can join us for our summer holidays.

I am trying to learn new things during these unexpected holidays. Almost every day, My self and my brother accompany our grandfather to our agricultural farm. There we help him to sow seeds, water our nutmeg trees, coconut trees, cashew trees etc. My little brother enjoys this very much as he likes playing with water. My grandmother and mother cook healthy meals from organic vegetables from our own land.

Evenings are more playful for us, we play badminton and football. Some times our grandfather also joins and then it's really fun. We have a beautiful garden and we water our plants and orchids in our garden. It's beautiful to see the happiness of plants when we water them. It looks like they dance in happiness when water is sprinkled on them. When this lockdown gets over, it will be a sad moment to leave my grandparents and this place but at the same time, I will be happy to rejoin my father and friends and to continue my schooling.

I hope everyone will follow the rules of our Government to throw this coronavirus out of our Mother Earth so that our Mother Earth will regain her beauty and well being of all.

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