Boredom- An Inspiration- By Fida Ancy

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Boredom is something we all suffer with. Whether it is standing a loooong queue for hours or listening to a boring lecture or simply sitting in the house with nothing to do at all, we all experience boredom at some time of the day.

But, in today’s modern world, we have an instant solution to boredom. And that is ……………… our smart phones. Whenever we get bored, some people just bring out their phones and start scrolling through social media or playing games or doing anything at all. After all, who can resist busting out the small package with hundreds of functions to spend the time?

Most of us think boredom is bad. After all in today’s world, being busy is seen as a status symbol of the wealthy because that means that we are being productive every minute of the day. Boredom is seen a sign of the lazy, someone who has nothing to do.

But, did you know that boredom can actually be good for us if we spend the time in the right way? We are bored when we have nothing interesting to do. We are looking for something engaging, something that requires concentration.

But, in reality, being bored is good for us. To fully utilize boredom, turning to gadgets for relief is not an option. We have to do something that requires very little or no concentration, like walking or jogging or swimming or just simply sitting without doing anything at all. While we are doing this, there should be no distractions around, no music, no TV; nothing at all. Just close your eyes and allow your mind to wander and daydream.

While we are doing this, we automatically tap into our subconscious mind. We make connection and new ideas are born in our mind as we delve into the depths of our mind. New thoughts arise out of unique connections that we didn’t even realize were there and we reach a new level of mindfulness.

Doing this can create new ideas and thoughts and we really begin to think out of the box. We can realize the true power of our mind and utilize it to the fullest.

There has been many experiments conducted by various researches and all of them have the same conclusion. Boredom does increase creativity and brain function.

Boredom is nothing to be afraid of. But, not all types of boredom are useful. While boredom leads to creativity and productivity, chronic boredom affects our body and shortens our lifespan.

So, in conclusion, boredom can be very beneficial for our brain. It helps us access new thoughts and formulate new ideas. We can tap into the true power of our subconscious mind. In short, boredom can be a time of great productivity and creativity, but only if we use in the right way.

“Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity.”

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