A Friend in need is a friend indeed – By Nadia Mustaq

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Hello! Well, we all have friends right? I am a person who values friendship a lot. So here is an interesting incident I would like to share with you.

This incident begins on a rainy night. I was waiting for my friend Melinda. She was coming for a sleepover! I was really excited. Wasn’t that cool? Her mother Mrs Brown was a businesswoman. So she had to go out of town for some work and her husband was also currently out of town. So, Melinda was alone and her mother thought that ours was a perfect place for their daughter to stay. The doorbell rang and I rushed to open the door. In came Melinda with her little suitcase. She looked as excited as I was (actually more than me). I took her to my room and helped her settle her things in my room.

We were about to go downstairs for dinner when my mom came to my room with dinner. I was shocked. She had never done this before. Was it especially for Melinda? Well, it was fine, she was my best friend and moreover she was our guest. So I took the dinner tray from my mom and I and Melinda started eating. Our dinner was well-baked potatoes right out of the oven, bread and butter and a nice mug of hot milk. We enjoyed our supper. Then we went to sleep. We talked a lot as both of us weren’t feeling sleepy at all.

We talked and talked until the clock struck 12 and we heard a noise from outside the window right next to my bed. We peeped out of the window to check what it was. We saw something moving! It was heading towards our house. I and Melinda are two adventurous girls, so we thought to go and check out what it was (which was not really a good idea). We thought that it might be some kind of animal lurking around in the night. As it was raining, we had to put on our mackintoshes, rubber boots and oilskin hats. I took my torch and gave Melinda a stick to shoo away the animal.

We did not know that we had set out for an unknown adventure. We carefully came out of the house. I did not lock the door as we would get inside just after a few minutes. We checked all around the house in the lawn, behind the bushes and just then, Creeek….we heard a sound. The front door was left open!

 Ok….so an animal could not have possibly done it. I and Melinda were feeling creepy. We thought that we should go to my parents and tell them. So we headed towards the house. We went in taking low steps in a very silent manner. We were going to my parent’s room when we heard a noise. It was from the kitchen. We went to the kitchen thinking that it might be my father because he sometimes wakes up late at night to drink water.

I was wrong. This is what we saw: a man in a black suit, mask and gloves, he was carrying a big black bag and moreover he was putting in the kitchen utensils in his bag! For a moment I and Melinda were scared. We quickly formulated a plan. We couldn’t tell my parents as there was no time and if we did then the thief would get out of our hands. So I gathered my courage and went in front of him and said, “Stop right there.” He turned around and looked at me. At first, he was shocked but later he gave me a wicked smile and said, “Don’t mess up with my kiddo.” He tried to catch me trying to cover my face with a tissue. I instantly recognised what could have been in that tissue. I had seen in T.V that these thieves or kidnappers pour some liquid kind of substance into the tissue and this thing makes people unconscious.

No, never I did not want to faint in this situation. He could do anything to me. I started to run all around the kitchen as fast as I could (maybe even faster than Usain Bolt at that time). I cried out to Melinda. Just then she sprang out into action. Thank god! She saved me. She started to throw some of the utensils on the thief. Even I started to throw some of the utensils that I could find around me. We were very busy throwing that we didn’t notice that he was getting closer to Melinda. He was able to get hold of Melinda. I let out loud shrieks so that my parents would here and come to help. The thief took out a knife and placed it on Melinda’s neck. He told me to stop shouting and show him where the locker was. I couldn’t risk my friend’s life. So I told him that I would show him the locker and instead he would have to leave Melinda.

 Just then a thought struck me. Luckily I was near the fridge so I quickly opened it. The first thing I saw was ‘eggs’. So leaving no time for the thief to think I started throwing the eggs. I think that it must have been very irritating because he let go of Melinda. I quickly signalled Melinda to go and dial up the cops, while I would handle the thief. She dialled the cops and ran upstairs to call my parents, but the problems weren’t over. Just when Melinda was going upstairs I let out a very loud shriek. Then she had to come and help me, what else could she do? You see the things in the fridge were over and I had absolutely nothing to throw. The thief was about to get hold of me when Melinda came in and started hitting him with the stick. I ran up to call my parents and I saw that the thief had locked my parents in their room. How clever! Luckily, I had a spare key, so I was able to open the door.

My parents were not asleep. They came out and asked me if I was ok. I told them that we had called the cops and Melinda was alone in the kitchen. So we went to help her. My father caught the thief and tied him with a rope.

 The cops had arrived. They handcuffed the thief and told us to reach the City Council at 7:00 a.m. sharp as I and Melinda would be given the award for bravery by the mayor. We were very excited. We had proven our bravery. As we were very tired we went to sleep. We woke up at 6 in the morning. I and Melinda quickly freshened up, dressed and went to eat our breakfast. My mom had prepared us pancakes and fresh mixed berry juice. We ate our breakfast.

My father drove us to the City Council. We saw the Mayor and almost the whole town was present there. After giving a small speech the Mayor called me and Melinda on the stage to receive our awards. We were very happy. Everyone congratulated us. Then my father drove us back home. We saw that Mrs Brown was waiting for us.  She asked us why we were late and we told her the whole thing. Everyone had a good laugh. Melinda went back to her home.

Melinda was a truthful and loyal friend. Instead of helping me she could have just saved her own life by hiding in a corner. But she stood by my side. She helped me. Isn’t she a true friend? That day, I understood the meaning of true friendship. So friends this goes as the proverb says- ‘A FRIEND NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED’


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