Two Minute Speech on Labour Day-By Malavika Vinod

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Good morning to one and all. Today I’m standing before you to speak about Labour’s day.

May 1st  is a metonym for International Workers Day, a day of celebration of the working class. It is celebrated to mark the constant handworks of our farmers, janitors, hotel workers and many others. After protesting against the unfair treatment meted out on labourers, maximum working hours were reduced to 8 hours. Labour Day or Mayday came into existence to celebrate their victory, and this day varies for different countries. I am very proud of our country because India wholeheartedly celebrates Labour Day. Labourers and workers contribute to the functioning and development of a nation. They are the one who helps in production, manufacturing, transportation, and selling of goods thereby is considered as the pillars of our economy.

Labour Day is a special occasion for all the workers and employees, and they get an official holiday on this day. But, what no one does is think about what this day truly stands for? Has any of us done something of value for the labour class or tried to resolve their problems? There are countless problems which are being faced by our labourers such as poverty, illiteracy, food and water crises and so many others. A vast majority of labourers and daily-wage workers remain outside the field of labour laws, which means that workers have no paid holidays, no job security, no medical coverage, no pension or provident fund, and are paid no overtime.

Like every human being, they too have the right to get all the facilities issued. So as responsible citizens of India it is our duty to thank all the workers around the world for their efforts and hard work. Yes, friends, it is our obligation to remember those who have given their time, best efforts and worked hard in their lives for this blessed country.


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