The Great Fight-Poem by Ayman Muhammed

  • Contributed by : AYMAN MUHAMMED
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Beams of light shining and sputtering so bright,

High up above the white clouds in a pile.

And all the people of the town in a smile,

But slowly the beam of light get covered,

With the big, black, ferocious clouds.

Very big drops of water fall from the clouds,

And flooding the whole town with water.

The big black ferocious clouds make,

Thunders, lightning and big sounds,

And scare all the people of the town.

The beam of light become sullen,

And push the black clouds with a puff.

The people of the town rejoice,

And make so much of noise.

But then the black cloud pushes the winner,

And they have a big fight,

And both fought with all their might.

But then the rainbow came in the middle,

And start playing with a fiddle.

She sang and said!!!

Oh mighty beam of light,

Don’t fight like a knight.

Oh great, black cloud,

Don’t be so loud.

They heard the song with an opening heart.

The beam of light and the black clouds,

Soon become good friends.

And always spend together

As good friends forever!!!!...




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