A Prayer to God- By Malavika Vinod

  • Contributed by : Malavika Vinod
  • Status : Dream Dream Dream....
  • Class : 4
  • School : The Indian Community School Kuwait-Khaitan
  • Age : 9
  • Mode : Medium
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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The paths were packed with people,
But now are trodden and bare.
The buses and cars that went here and there,
Now, stands dusty at the sun’s glare.
O’ God, save us from this disaster,
That the world has won fair and square.

People’s faces were decorated with grins,
But now they only show cold contempt.
The halls which were filled with celebration and lights,
Are now miserable and dull.
Dear Great Spirit, save your creations,
Who are struggling to remain on their feet.

Human beings have indeed misused Mother Earth,
And now we can’t believe that ;
Earth was as young & beautiful as you had created her for us.
We hope that we can calm down her rage,
That we deserve for making her look ugly.

My Lord, have mercy & forgive your subjects, for doing huge misdeeds.
My school stands dim at the setting sun’s colour
Its ground scattered with dried leaves and twigs;
Used for nothing for once and what seemed like forever.
It thinks that its little users have gone far,
For it knew that thing was true -
From its books which lay silent and stiff on their shelves.

Shops that once flooded with customers,
Now stand empty without a piece of paper.
All suffer the pain of separation, stuck without a clue
Loss of everything which cannot be regained!
Oh! Great Ruler, please bless us with those magical hands,
To save your closest hard works from Deadly Death’s clutches

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