A very special Easter- By Shruti Sunil Jose

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When I was in the 9th grade , it was decided that our school would reopen on April 2nd, 10 days after our 8th grade annual exams had gotten over. That year, Easter was on April 1st.

My dad and my sister had gone to Kerala while me and my mum were celebrating Easter in Chennai. Easter was always special to us because normally we would be in Kerala . Our cousins would be there. and we would have guests throughout the day. Anytime we went to the kitchen,there would be so much food. But, this time  it was different, there were only two of us , we had nothing special to do and had decided to bake a cake. It was around 8 pm when we finished baking it and had to start prepping for Dinner. That's when my mum got a call from one of her friends asking us to have Easter dinner with her .so , we left for OMR food street from where we had decided to dine.

I never had street food in my life and so i was really excited to see what was going down . We reached there around 9 pm where we met our friends . The feeling of being in the midst of the food street was amazing , I was surrounded by different cuisines of food. There was oil splattering from a kadai full of jalebis in front of me , when I turned around there was a man scraping shawarma , people were crowded around shops waiting for their food and talking.there was a Gujarati restaurant, Kolkata chaat , Chennai bread omelet and so many more to choose from. Finally after debating over Frankie or fish and fries , I got my plate of fish and fries. It was nothing like I had seen before.

The presentation was Master Chef worthy , fish was the main attraction and it was surrounded with the perfectly cooked fries, a dip and garnished with a single coriander . I was mind blown just as I took my first bite, the fish had a crunchy layer on the outside while it was tender inside . Without wasting a single moment I almost gulped the entire thing. But it was not over, we still went on to try some pistachio ice cream sandwiches which were new to me . I personally had never liked any flavor except for chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Just as I took my first bite, it felt like heaven. The white chocolate cookie melted in my mouth which led to the amazing pistachio flavor . I had become an instant fan of the sandwich. Being in the food street was like taking a stroll in heaven . But not everything can last forever and so we had to leave by 10:30 as it was closing .

As we were driving back with the moon on top of our heads,I asked my mom if she was craving for more food to which she replied positively.So we went to the juice shop on greams road and had the best mango milkshake. It came in a milkshake cup and was filled to the brim . It had the yellow color of a mango and was the perfect blend of mangoes and milk. For a few minutes I was thinking of a strategy to finish it . To digest all of it, we decided to hit the beach .
Beaches had always fascinated me . Even on that day, I saw how people slept on the pavements and had street light dinner with scraps of food that people like us had wasted.We walked around the beach to see how ladies sat on the road waiting for someone to buy their beady necklaces. We saw how dogs and humans were all treated the same when they didn't have a home.

The icing on the cake was us just driving around the beach, it felt so good to have the wind slap on our faces . Finally ,at 12 we were back home . Even then we were not tired so we went to the terrace and danced ,talked,took selfies and ate the amazing cake. When I finally lay on the bed , I realized that it was a one of a kind night and I had spent it with a one of a kind person.

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