My dream- By Iffah Aftab

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" A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers "
Dreams usually occurs involuntarily in the mind during the certain stages of sleep. Dreams are infinite for everyone. I 'm a well imaginative person. Every great dreams begin in the mind of a great dreamer. So let me share one of my amazing dream occurred in my mind on my birthday.

In that birthday night , after eating dinner I went to my bedroom to sleep. I have dreamt of something in that night. In that dream I had some balloons in my hand as that day was my birthday. I was flying in the air like a bird. At last I reached in front of the white - coloured full moon. It was an eye- catching view!! I looked into the craters of the moon. There was a letter written by God. He wrote that " Iffahh...... Happy birthday !!!. The day which I gave you to your mother. Let me give you a special birthday gift. I kept it in one of those craters of the moon. However, You should find out in which Crater did I kept your gift ". I was very happy reading that letter.

I started looking for my birthday gift. Finally , after 1 hour I found my gift. In front of that big crater where my gift was kept , there was a board written " Get inside- my birthday girl. Your gift is inside. Congratulations !!! ". I entered  the cave. There I saw my favorite food and drinks , the angels of God wished me. I thanked God for the gift. I ate the delicious food and cool drinks. Suddenly , the moon was shaking. I was feared. There my dream ends. Actually , my mom was the person who shook , she was calling me to go to school. A funny joke !!!.

Next morning , I woke up and told my family about that dream. They all laughed together. I said myself that " Any way it was good because I got many wishes from the Almighty and from his angels ". I would never forget that birthday in my life.

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