A Letter to God – By Ayman Muhammed

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Dear God,

The creator of mankind, the all sufficient one, the king of everything, we beg your pardon on us for abusing your valuable gifts. Please forgive us….

Oh Lord, we all are requesting to remove the big punishment that you have given to us…. the corona virus. Oh God please forgive us for our sins and please show your generosity and grace on us. We take a pledge to save our polluted earth, to increase growing trees, making the atmosphere less polluted and to fix the ozone layer.

Oh Lord please shower us with your blessings, please give us a few drops of the most holy water and please filter, scrub and wipe away the immoral and impious from our heart. Oh master we have lot of desires. We children are aspiring to go to our schools to study and play and to see our beloved teachers and our precious friends. Now we realize that we are no match to this big virus, oh Lord you have always won against everything and now you are the only one we can trust.

We are pleading you to destroy this big virus so that we could cherish our dream land “Our Schools’’. Do you know we used to water the plants in our school garden .But there is no one there by now. The plants must have dried up. The class room which we studied, must be crying for the cheerful voice of children. The rabbit which I saw some months ago in our school must be starving, there is no one to give food to that poor thing.

The ground which I and my friends run and play must be in a bad condition. The walls which we bumped and crashed maybe whispering for the arrival of those naughty kids. The boards which our teachers wrote must be deserted with no letters. Oh God please open the doors of heaven and close the doors of hell to us. God gives us life and God takes away our life,so we understood he is the only one who has the power to do all the wonderful things in the whole universe, yes you are the one and only who can put an end to this global virus.

I know our ancestors, have caused much harm to Mother Nature as well as the creatures, birds, animals and fishes which you created for us we have no right in destroying Mother Nature and killing the creatures which you created, they are all the gifts of you.

We again vow to bring back the clean sparkling gifts that you gave and we would fetch back the heavenly trees, birds, bushes and insects back to its home. Oh please save us from this virus. We are not super heroes, we are not master ,we are not champions we are just human being .I remember these golden words "God gave us the gift of life,it is up to us to give ourselves to gift of living well...."

Yours lovingly

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