The misadventures of my youth- Speech By Shruti Sunil Jose

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We all have likes and dislikes that change as we grow up. One thing that I've loved to do ever since I was eight years of age is cooking, Even though I'm fifteen now, there have been so many mishaps that have happened to me in the kitchen that I wouldn't forget some of them even if I became a professional chef.

Good afternoon teachers and my dear friends. Today, I will be delivering a speech titled, The misadventures of my youth.

The first time that I remember making food is when I was around nine years old. My mother had taught me how to make India's favourite beverage, tea. Within months I had become a tea expert among my family and relatives. I also knew how to make tea without looking at its recipe or measurements. One evening, my mother asked me to make tea for her, my dad and uncle. Growing up as a kid, I've always liked doing things in a little extra way.

So, I decided to dance to some music while I let the tea boil. Eventually, I got so engrossed into the music and dancing, until my dad stopped the speaker. I was mad, but then I remember that I had left the tea to boil and it had overflown. My dad simply took three glasses and poured whatever tea was left and walked away after smirking and saying," All the Best"
Till date, I'm so thankful to my uncle for being there to distract my mother as the entire kitchen was stinking for the next three days.

Another incident that not only me but my entire family remembers is how I wanted to make pancakes for them as my thirteenth birthday present. Essentially, the pancake is one of the easiest foods to make as it requires only three to four ingredients. So, I made the batter and decided that nothing would go wrong in the dish that I was about to make.

I poured the first spoonful of batter, waited for bubbles to show, flipped the pancake and waited again. While doing this, being the multitasker that I am, I decide to make simple chocolate syrup. I took another pan, poured water in it, put a bowl on top of it and added crushed dark chocolate into the bowl.

I began to stir the chocolate and kept stirring but nothing happened. So, I took the bowl and popped it into the microwave for about a minute. That's when I remembered my pancakes. " Oh no! " I thought that it was all burnt. Thankfully, I saved them at the right time and they had turned out perfect. But then when I took the chocolate out, all I saw was a burnt substance and adding to that was the fact that the chocolate was not separating itself from the bowl. I tried so many methods to separate the chocolate from my mother's favourite bowl, but all in vain. Since I did not have another option, I threw it into the trashcan without anybody noticing.

But I still had hoped for my fluffy and perfect pancakes. I split it into two and gave each halve to my mother and father. My mom took her first bite, coughed and said," It's very unique." I was so happy. As a thirteen-year-old, unique meant extraordinary and so my pancakes were extraordinary. Then my dad tasted it, looked at me and said with a frown," What is this!?" Now, I was confused. I didn't know if my pancakes were extraordinary or horrible. So, I rushed back to the kitchen to check if I had added any ingredients or if I had forgotten to add them.

That's when I figured out that instead of adding 2 pinches of baking soda, I had added 2 spoons of baking soda. Baking soda is something that can make your dish taste bitter even if a little extra of it was added. This meant that my entire stack of pancakes was bitter. Don't worry, we didn't throw it away or waste it, my mother just made me and my sister to eat it forcefully. This did not go well because we couldn't go to school the next day as we had terrible stomach aches.

Even now, during the lockdown, I've broken many vessels, added extra ingredients and had to eat dishes that I made all by myself because it tasted horrible. These experiences have given me practice in my culinary skills and also have made me love to cook even more. To conclude I would like to say that I don't think I would ever hate being in the kitchen or the art of cooking by itself.

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