My Eid holidays: by Ayman Muhammed

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I hope you all are staying at home taking precautions from this pandemic and I think you all are bored at home, yes me too, roaming from one room to another then to hall then to bedroom again to kitchen… .Oh, when will we able to go outside and get the fresh air, feel the gentle breeze and when can I kick a ball freely??

Last year, It was a dazzling sunny morning, I was so excited as it was the day of Eid.  I woke up with a grin on my face. After Eid prayer I heard the fantastic news that we were going to sheikh Jabber al Ahmed al Sabah causeway. When I heard the news I was thrilled, then when the time came I packed a small bag with some biscuits,a small bottle of water and some candies to share with my neighbor as they too were comingwith us. Do you know this bridge is the longest bridge in the Middle East and it is one of the longest bridges in the world. After a long drive we  finally reached to the ending point.

It was a beautiful sight to see the sun set, it looked like it was congratulating us after our long drive by showing us an exquisite face. The next morning I got another amazing news from my mom, the news was that we are going to Sheikh Abdullah al Salem cultural center. My mind was inspired
by itslook and the exciting things that was awaiting for me. When we reached the cultural center, there were 6 main components in the center and all were knowledgeable topics. It was exciting to see amazing things in the museums. I felt like I had gone through many museums at a time.

The next morning I got another news of joy which was a trip to the beach. After a couple of hours we got into our car, buckled our seat belts and drove to the beach, when we reached the beach the waves rose up and welcomed us. I ran towards the sandy part of the beach and played in the sand and collected some shells that left on the sea shore and stored them in a basket. My brother
also joined with me in finding the shells which was a lot of fun. Then, after that I cleaned my sandy feet with water coming from the waves which were little bit high, but not like waves in my motherland. I was very happy and ran around the beach saying ‘Woo hoo…’. My brother also screamed with me.

Those were the best holidays in my life. I lost the precious, shining shells that I and my brother had collected because I was over excited in playing some games. I was grief stricken when I looked at the basket, as I had lost most of the shells. I went home with a despair face. But after a while my parents came to me and made me chill out and said that ‘Everything will get lost, some may be for good and some may be for bad, but it doesn’t matter, accept your bad and cherish your good.’ Those words made my mind a little bit stronger. It was a emarkable year. But, this time I woke up with misery and sorrow.

This year, On the day of Eid I woke up for the Eid prayer, I was in a bad and sad mood thinking that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Eid by eating with my neighbors and going out together. But this was the first time I had completed 30 days of fasting during Ramadan. After the prayer, my mother and father called all of our relatives and talked for a while. I was bored that day I haven’t had anything to do, so I decided to make some cards to play in the evening with my family. My brother woke up by that time so I asked him to help me out in making the cards, he said that he would help me out and we did it together. My mother was busy in the kitchen preparing for lunch, my father was also helping her.

After some hours itwas lunch time we couldn’t eat with our neighbors so we exchanged some food items. During the evening we had used to go outside together but this time we couldn’t go. I was in a gloomy mood. After lunch we played with the cards which I made during the morning, It was an endless
game because my mother and father were playing for the first time, then we were tired so we slept. Next year I think I would get back the golden days. ‘We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope’. So let us wait until the day of hope comes.

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