Father’s Day- Speech By Ann Tony

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Respected Principal, Vice-principal, Teachers and my dear friends,

Good Morning to all.
Can you imagine a day without your father? No. Not even a single moment. We all love our fathers. Most of them may love their fathers than their mothers. Cement binds bricks together to construct a building. In the same way, a father is the source of strength that binds the family together. He is the person who works day and night, working hard to lead the family economically as well as morally. He is just like a pillar on which we rely.

So to respect, honour and care for them, ‘FATHERS' DAY ‘ is celebrated on 21st June throughout the world. In India, Fathers' day is celebrated throughout the nation in all its pomp and glory. Children buy gifts and present for their fathers and make cards to show their affection and love towards them. Although fathers should be respected and honoured throughout the whole life, this one special day is the only day which is specially dedicated to these loving fathers who are the pillars of the family that make the day more colourful and splendid. The first person who comes to our minds when we are in trouble or need help is our father.

On the occasion of this fathers' day, we not only respect and celebrate fatherhood but also celebrate the inseparable impact and role of theirs in our life. Not only on this special day but every single day, we should show our love and gratitude towards them for providing us with such a lovely life that we are living. We should love and remember our fathers every day. What makes me live happily and laugh merrily is the love of my father. He is my strength, Rockstar and my superhero. A day without my dad is a day without a smile. We should respect, love, care and show our gratitude towards our fathers. I thank God for gifting me an extremely wonderful father. I would like to conclude by quoting Antoine Francois Prevost:’ The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. ‘’

Thank you

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