The Poor but Kind Woodcutter.-By JEAL DE GUZMAN

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The Poor but Kind Woodcutter.- JEAL DE GUZMAN

One day there was a small hut on the mountain, there lived a woodcutter named Peter, he was a joyful fellow even if he had problems, his smile was endless, people talked about him and his joyful life, one day  Peter saw a pretty red bird, it is called the firebird, it blows to ashes and reforms again, Peter knew that if he took the firebird to the market he could make a good bargain out of it but because he had a big and loving heart, he gave the only bread he had to the firebird.

One day he was in the market selling wood that he had chopped from the forest, suddenly there was a carpenter named Ronald he was a very unsuccessful man suddenly He asked Peter if He can sell him some wood for 50,000 pieces of gold and then Peter said I accept your deal after Peter received the money he gave 5,000 of his money to the poor. The next day He went to the forest to cut trees,

Suddenly he saw a tree with golden leaves and silver branches, on the highest branch there was an emerald ring, He climbed the tree and got the ring when he climbed down all of the golden leaves began to fall. Suddenly a small elf appeared and said hello , I am the protector of the Magic tree only the pure of heart can pull out the wishing ring you may take the leaves and the silver branches and sell them to the carpenter. Peter was astonished of what he heard and saw, But he obeyed everything that the elf had said.

He then heard the news that Ronald was now the royal carpenter of their kingdom, He decided to visit Ronald. They talked about so many things and then suddenly when Peter was about to leave the King had passed by and surprisingly  Ronald introduced Peter to the King, he told the King that without Peter he would not have made the silver table without the silver wood if Peter never sold him the wood to him then when the King learned it was because of Peter, He gave Peter a big Castle full of treasures.



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