Role of Parents- By Jeal De Guzman

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  • Age : 13
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Parents are the ones who take care of their children. Undoubtedy, they are sent by God. They are very important; they show a lot of love and care for their children.  Because they love them so much that they can sacrifice themselves just for their child. Sometimes parents give their child lots of things to do, but it does not mean that they want their child to suffer from hard work. It’s because they want their child to learn new things. All of us believe in the saying that says what you sow is what you reap; well that is what the parents in this world is trying to convey to their children, because if you work hard in life you will eventually  succeed.

 I myself is a child who does not always obey my parents but I learn from my mistakes. They all are inspiring and sensational; we kids must not think that parents want us to suffer. Why?  They only want the best for us all, obeying  them means the world to them. I think it is the best thing we can ever give them. So you see , giving them lots of gifts does not matter at all what matters is that we obey  them. Saying I love you and sorry does not make any difference if you do not mean it. I learned that we should not take anything for granted because when its gone you cannot  bring it back ever again and when its gone you are going to see how important that thing is to us.

Our parents might set limitations about our phone usage, but it doesn’t mean that they want us to get bored it is because they don’t want our eyes to get irritated and they don’t want us to see inappropriate things so that we would not be affected by bad influences of other people. Our parents might not give us the most expensive games and toys but they spoil us of what they can give, they spoil us with lots of love and care and we should appreciate what they give us because some kids don’t get that, Other kids might have everything a kid would want but they do get to watch movies and spend time with their parents, so we must be grateful for what we have.

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