Why…?- By Abhipsa Panda

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Despite the hard efforts of many, climate change is still an issue not attended to with much seriousness. This short story depicts a small fraction of what the new norm of the future could or will be, depending upon the actions taken against climate change and its disastrous effects.

WHOA!!!!" Nervous sweat drips down your forehead as you slowly realize it was just a dream.

"Calm down... it was just a... what the....." suddenly you hear a thump which makes your heart skip a beat as you try your level best to not make a sound despite you literally panting. You stare down the corridor, looking for the source of that sound.

"Ghosts don't exist but criminals surely do...that doesn't help..." you slam your forehead in exasperation but go back to finding that sound. You walk forward, trying to make the least amount of noise with every step. You reach a turn, your hands up like as if you're holding a sword. "Anything for courage they say." You turn the corner, your hands now outstretched like you're holding a katana and are in a stance of that of a sumo-wrestler. You scream out blatant words which don't make any sense. Then you see it, see the cause of that sound. And though your heart sinks in mild sorrow, your heart beat makes an attempt to go back to normal. "It's another bird, looks like a mom, poor her, probably starved while trying to get food for her babies." You pick up the dead bird and wrap it up. With one last remorseful sigh, you put the bird into the trash can and leave. Staring at the grey sky, you hoped just maybe, life would be breathed back into this corpse. You question the dark and gloomy sky "Why....?"


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