My Favorite superhero- Iron Man- By Neil Nevin

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Iron Man is appreciated by fans all around the globe. Everyone knows he is Tony Stark and a part of the Avengers. All those who would've watched these movies would know about this character.

Iron Man makes suits for all purposes like one for space, one for underwater diving, one for ground level etc. His suit has enough tech to advise a person having a heart attack (but that depends on time).

His jets are his secret to flying and his repulsors help him to attack. But it’s the UNIBEAM that is the most powerful (And, of course, uses most of the suit's power when launched).

His suit can connect to the internet, attend calls and even make calls. Tony Stark can say one word and can hack into a file even if it has a billion (or even a trillion) layers of encryption.

Having such awesome technology is a wonder. I wish I could be Iron Man. For now, I can only imagine. But maybe in the future (which I don't know anything about), there might be one or more 'Iron Man's.   Oh, how I wish...

Here's a tip: How to differentiate a real Iron Man from a fake one - A real Iron Man never reveals his identity for the sake of appreciation and fame whereas a fake one may.


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