If I was the school Leader- Nadia Mustaq

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Bonjour! Comment Allez Vous? Now you might be thinking about what I said right now? Well first I greeted you with a hello, then I asked you guys how are you? In French. Hope all of you are doing well. I love the language, French. It is a very unique language.

Respected School Principal, Teachers and my dear friends,

Today the topic I have come to talk about is ‘If I was the school leader'. Now you might be thinking that for talking on this topic why to give an introduction about my favourite language. Well, the first thing I would do when I will become a school leader is I will promote the French language by organising special French classes, where students can learn French absolutely free of cost. It is a great idea, isn't it?

Secondly, I will make sure that the school canteen improves its quality of food. Many diseases are caused due to the poor quality of food.

As we all know, pollution is a major issue these days, I will put up various awareness campaigns. I will give students weekly activities to make it effective.

In most of the schools the hygiene level of washrooms are very poor, therefore improving its level of hygiene will be another challenge for me to take up.

I am also willing to create a volunteer squad club. In which members of the club will pay attention to some of the important issues like ‘SAYING NO TO PLASTIC, GO GREEN, SAVE ANIMALS’ ETC. We will promote this by planting trees, doing a beach clean up by which we can reduce the amount of plastic and save the aquatic animals from eating up the plastic covers and cans. I am really looking forward to this idea.

Now being a school leader isn't all about organising special classes and increasing the hygiene level, it also includes having fun. So I will request the school authority to give me permission to organize a school carnival with lots of fun activities and food.

I will try to solve the problems or conflicts among the students and try to develop peace and harmony. I will focus on these five points and try to become a righteous school leader.

Thank you.


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