Lockdown and me- By Astha Chander

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The lockdown due to the pandemic was somewhat unanticipated for all of us. We would have never envisioned ourselves to confined in the four walls of our house for nearly two months or maybe more! This lockdown gives different experiences to different people – it entirely depends on the people, whether to make the most of it or the least. People who make good use of this time have a better experience than those who do not use time effectively and are prey to tedium.

At first, when I got to know the fact that our exams would be cancelled, I had mixed feelings. I felt that all my hard work, efforts and practices had gone in vain. I was very disappointed and sad. I knew that my teachers had great expectations from me, and I couldn’t show off my skills and hard work through the exams. I so at that time, I had a negative opinion about the lockdown. But soon, I started to realize that there is also a positive side of the lockdown.

As for me, this lockdown has definitely changed me a lot. I have learnt a lot of new things. Not only me, but this lockdown can change any person. We all have got a break from our busy lives and most of us are able to spend quality time with our family, and I am no exception to this. Even I have got the break from all the school activities, home works and assignments. When I stayed at home for the past two months, I have learnt to be independent and do all my work on my own. I also spend time playing with my siblings and getting to know them. We have also got this golden opportunity in our life to connect with our long lost friends and relatives, and communicate with them.

This lockdown stands out as a perfect opportunity for an individual to learn new things. People who have been keen on learning a new language but never got time – here’s your chance. That is indeed true for me. I have tried to explore and learn a language that was totally new to me – Spanish. But that’s not all! Not only languages, but we can also learn the skill of cooking, by trying new dishes in the very same four walls of our house, where we thought there was nothing except for boredom.

Furthermore, not only for learning but the lockdown is also a great time for people who are fond of reading. You can read books that have been on your reading lists for a long time. For people who do not read books, this is a chance for them to evolve the advantageous second nature of reading books, and refine their vocabulary and imagination. In the lockdown period, I have also developed the obsession of reading – and henceforth I can say that it is a very beneficial habit. While reading, we come across many words that were never acknowledged, and this has strengthened my vocabulary.

Admittedly most of us have messy cupboards, just because we never got time to clean it. It is the same for me also. But during these lockdown hours, we can clean our cupboards, and we might surely come across a pair dress, that used to be our much-loved one and fit us perfectly but doesn’t fit us now. We may have the thought of passing it on to someone else in our family or to donate it. Yes, donation. It teaches us the values of caring and sharing.

In addition to this, all the gyms and beauty salons are closed in these unexpected times. So people have understood the art of yoga to be fit. Yoga is indeed something quite beneficial in these times. It helps to create a positive aura and keeps our minds cool and calm in these difficult times.

On the whole, this lockdown has taught me to be self-dependent and develop many advantageous habits. All people have the very same 24 hours, but one must know how to utilize it effectively, to avoid boredom – because it is rightly said, ‘The key to time management is to value every moment.’

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