An Inspiring women – By Ayman Muhammed

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Born on 31 July 1965, she went through very tough circumstances as a child and almost lived in poverty until she was 32. Today, she is one of the richest women in the world. Yes. we are talking about none other than Joanne Rowling or J.K Rowling. She started her career as a researcher and bilingual secretary for the amnesty international. During that time in 1990, while she was travelling on a delayed train from Manchester to London she thought of writing a book, but she never imagined that the very same book will eventually become the most popular book in the world with almost 400 million copies.

She had a miserable life during that period, as her mother had passed away, she got her first baby, and later her first married husband had divorced her. It is the time when a normal woman breaks down,  instead, she stood firmly fighting against all odds. There are times where he carried her baby on one hand, on the other hand, carried her novel,  It's said that some times she didn’t eat so her daughter could eat and she felt like some nights she didn’t have any money. In 1997, she published her first novel which captured the hearts of many young lads and youngsters. She continued her writings until 2007.

She received many awards during this period and the latest award she received was “Shorty award for best author” in 2016. Many of her ideas and feelings which she expressed in the novel were inherited from her living atmosphere and surroundings. She wrote seven long novels which are interesting and creative. She wrote it all about witches and wizards, muggles, a school of witchcraft and wizardly, owned by the ministry of magic, found in 9th or 10th century in Scotland. By now you may have got the name of aforesaid Author and her Book, yes with many adventures and horrific scenes it is none other than Harry Potter, which is written by one of the richest authors Joanne Rowling or J.K Rowling.

Undoubtedly, She is one of the greatest women in the world and a real role model for all of us. Every woman in this world should have freedom, independence and right to vote just like men. Today, It is a fact that women can do many things which men cannot and men can do many things which women cannot. So both shall get equal priority and should not try to dominate on one another. Men aren’t supposed to be the only leaders of the earth and women aren’t considered the slaves of earth and a woman shouldn’t suffer just because she is born as a woman.

There are many famous women in India who fought against challenging circumstances in life and emerged as winners. Some of them are Indira Gandhi, P.V Sindhu, Mary Kom, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, Mother Teresa, Arundhati Roy and Lata Mangeshkar. They all taught us that women are not supposed to sit on the floor and weeping, instead should stand up, express their talent and strength finding their own position in society. A woman as a mother is an important and essential part of a family. All women have the right to choose their way of living, as they are allowed to do whatever they wish to.

If a woman becomes a teacher, she transforms the knowledge from the books and induced for learning life from her own experience, if a woman becomes a doctor or a nurse, they help in treating the ones who are unwell. Let us not forget the story of Florence Nightingale. If a woman becomes a  social worker she helps in providing advice, support to families to solve the problems they are facing. If a woman is a news reporter or a scientist, she spreads awareness in our society. Your circumstances don't matter and should not be a hindrance to your dreams. Fight against your obstacles like a swimming fish that is alive. JK Rowling will always remain a role model for and her life story will be an inspiration to all those struggles in their life.

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