Quarantine guide to happiness- By Jeal De Guzman

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Happiness is an expression that can be created in our own little ways. Happiness can also be shared by helping others. Nowadays people stay at home to keep safe from the COVID -19 pandemic that is spreading around the world. Sometimes other people think that happiness can never be achieved without going to other countries, without shopping in malls or without hanging out with our friends. Its true we cannot go to other countries or to the mall and hang out with our best buddies but the thing they are wrong about is that we can still create happiness by bonding with our family, by learning new things online or by having fun with a new hobby. So you see, happiness can be achieved in several ways.

 This pandemic is a blessing in disguise. Many families get to bond with each other more than before, many people learn new things that they are good at and most of all a lot of us learn to appreciate what we have. If you think that bonding with your family is not a blessing, bear in mind that other persons might not get that. Some people like Doctors, Nurses and Soldiers do not even get to see their family because they have to do their job in helping other families and protecting lives.

If you are one of those persons who are assigned to risk their own lives to save others, I bet it wouldn’t be an easy task. Sometimes people might ask God, “Why are these things happen to the world?” Well, I think I have the answer for that, Do you remember when God asked Noah to build an ark in order to save his family and two of every animal? Our situation is the same, the only difference is that none had to build an ark because God sends Doctors, Nurses, health workers, Scientists and soldiers for a mission which is to protect us and cure those who are sick and in pain. I think God sends us this kind of situation because there is too much of cruelty, badness, and evil doings in this world, He wants us to reflect, turn away from those bad behaviours and be caring and loving people.

We must be thankful for everything we have. We must also learn to put ourselves in other people’s situation. We must learn to give and forgive. We should learn from our own mistakes because it will lead us to a good and simple life. Others that are in need might ask me, “Why do you think that this pandemic is such a blessing to most families?” especially for those who are suffering and couldn’t afford to have a decent meal, All I could say is pray, strive hard and everything is going to be okay.

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