A memorable experience- By Malavika Vinod

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Experiences are based on morals. And experiences turn into inspirations. I have many inspirations. Let me tell you the story of one.

Tahir was a boy in my second grade. He was very bad in studies and also naughty and irritating. At 2nd grade, my class teacher was Shabana mam, a kind, wise and an expert teacher. I have very fond memories of her. I am in touch with her for each and everything even now. She made Tahir my permanent partner. I was worried. But very soon I realized that he was not as bad as he looked. He used to write many stories and ask me to correct the spellings.

As I am a passionate reader, especially stories, I was very curious to read those. During one of those occasions, Shabana mam came up to us. When she came to know these she asked Tahir to read the story aloud in the class. Tahir was nervous but then he narrated the story in an amazing and lucid way. When the happy moments came, his expression became very pleasant and merry. When it was mysterious he frowned and lowered his voice to whisper and when it was sad he moaned and groaned. Soon, Tahir became my friend. He used to ask help in many things and I whole-heartedly tried my best to help him.

The whole class behaviour towards him changed and of course, it influenced me too. We all hated him because of his bad behaviour and shabby look. But now we all are proud that we have such an amazing little author sitting among us. We all had many good times with Tahir. It was our last term of the year and one day Shabana mam gave an announcement to the class. “Dear children, we’ll be having a special prize distribution ceremony on our last day of this academic year”

And soon the last day came! It was a normal school day but with tears and tantrums! Students with swollen faces were seen walking in tight little groups. It was a miserable day for all of us but at the same time, we all are very curious to know about the prizes. When the bell for last period rang we all eagerly waited for Shabana mam. The prize distribution is so near now. BANG! The door opened and the class craned their necks to see who it is. Yes, it was Shabana mam!

She walked in. Many prizes were handed out. Pens of different colours. Blue, black, pink, green etc. All of us were delighted getting those pretty pens. Between all the joy and excitement, Shabana mam called out my name. I was surprised. But still, I went up to the front of my beloved class. Tahir was standing there holding a PEN! I got a prize! He grinned and handed it to me. It was a beautiful black pen. I thanked him and made to go back to my seat. But Shabana mam stopped me. ‘You have one more prize dear’ One more prize!! That is ridiculous!

This time Shaban mam gave me the prize. It was a blue pen. It had a label on it. It went like this- 1 RANK! I felt like screaming. I was dumbstruck. Then the voting began. We were voting to see/find some titles told by mam such as ‘the most generous and kind student’ ’all-rounder’ ’best partner’ etc. Almost all students got prizes, even Tahir. I was selected as the All-rounder and the most tolerable partner! The happy fire inside me started shooting sparks.

That was an amazing day. That night, while in bed I thought about Tahir. He had gone through his difficult phase without any complaints and was ready to meet the ups and downs. I smiled as I thought of his glorious future.

Dream it. Wish it. Do it. Success will be yours!

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