Traditional Schooling vs Homeschooling- By Jeal De Guzman

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Nowadays because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are offering distance-learning or homeschooling to their students. Traditional schooling cannot be available because it is too dangerous for kids to go outside. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many of us, so we must be very careful in touching things to prevent the Covid-19 virus from infecting us. We could help other people that are in need in many ways. This pandemic has affected kids like me in several ways and one of these is not being able to go to school like we used to. Face-to-face learning is very dangerous at times like this. The virus can easily be transmitted to children if there is close contact with one another and that is why the President of the Philippines did not allow children to have face-to-face learning nowadays.

Since traditional schooling will not be allowed, for now, we would miss many things about it like having group activities, performing experiments, creating group projects, group presentations to the class and a lot more. Many of us think that there is no hope on making learning easier like before but as long as we have hope we will find a better way to make learning possible. We could not deny the fact that face-to-face learning develops a lot of skills like collaborating with our groupmates and making sure that each member understands the mechanics and objectives of our project.

Homeschooling makes use of digital learning which uses online platforms in order for us to meet our teachers and classmates. Many of us are experiencing difficulty in adjusting to this new kind of learning. Whether we like it or not this is the only way to continue our learning without going out of our houses. We could use the modules that our teachers made. We could also use electronic gadgets in order to collaborate and talk to our teachers and classmates. It may be hard at first but we need to be very cooperative to adjust easily to the New Normal situation. As I have said before, it may be difficult but if we work together we can do this and nothing is impossible.

Traditional Schooling and Homeschooling have many differences but they offer the same thing, which is learning. There are many ways to learn. Sometimes we prefer the easy ones and those that we are comfortable with but there are times that we need to go out of our comfort zone and try our best to overcome the challenges that goes with it. I believe that if we focus on our goal which is to learn, it doesn’t matter which mode of learning is offered to us. Let us make the boring interesting and let us be grateful that our country is doing everything to protect us from the disease. It is also helping us to learn at the comfort of our home.

Many teachers and students are going to say that there is no hope. Here are my tips, let us think of the bright side of everything. We need to be happy, cooperative and responsible. We have to do our best in all the task assigned to us. We all make mistakes but we must learn from them. At some point in my life, I made some mistakes too but I did not cry hard over my mistakes instead I learned from them and I make sure that those mistakes help me to become the best version of myself. Let us always remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope that this article will encourage students to appreciate homeschooling and be grateful for what they have. Homeschooling isn't that bad, it is the only way of learning these days and it is fun after all. We just need to cooperate with our teachers and parents.


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