A memorable experience- By Pavithra Gireesh

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Some people create an impact in our lives, today I am going to share with you one such experience.

Last summer vacation we went to Coorg, it is a hilly place with tea estates and was covered with fog everywhere. We were new to this place and we didn’t know much about Coorg it really attracted us with its scenery. We reached there morning at 10 am, as it was drizzling we felt cold. We saw a restaurant nearby and we thought of taking our breakfast. There my father met an old man, as he was staying in Coorg he said he will accompany us in our trip.

 Actually I was thinking about this man, who is he? Why is he travelling with us? To my surprise, my father said, “He is Mr Ibrahim, and he will be guiding us in our trip.” He was a tall sturdy, bald-headed man, having grey hair. He wore a neatly ironed shirt and a white dhoti. My father was attracted by his simplicity and humbleness. He was fully aware of all the places and the story behind each place. Along with him, we visited the museum, a palace and so many other places. While travelling my father out of curiosity asked about his family. He said he was a driver and had earned a lot of money in his youth. But now he was all alone and had no one to take care of him. For two days he was with us, full of energy, without getting tired and while talking he attracted everyone’s attention.

 Now it was time for us to return. We said goodbye to him. My father asked his number and hugged him. He said he will be in touch with him. We all waved at him, he also stood there waving back at us till our car was out of sight. Really he had created a vacuum within us, for one minute we all were silent and then we started to talk about him. Though we never knew him before, why there was a feeling of sadness???? That we don’t know. My father called him once, he talked to him for a long time. Of late when my father tried to contact him he didn’t get, neither had he called us back. We don’t know what had happened but his memories will always linger in our heart.

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