Taking Flight- By Fida Ancy

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Eloise was bewildered. Just a day before, she had been spying on a group of suspicious merchants and had followed them here. She had been at this very spot and had seen a tower amidst the woods. One made of roughhewn rocks. But, now, it had disappeared and that wasn’t possible, unless……………unless it was magic.

She almost stepped back with the force of the comprehension that dawned upon her. Because magic was feared by every man across the Kingdom since it was dangerous and unpredictable. This was nothing unusual since danger was an old friend of hers. She had to find out more about this mystifying tower because she was a spy, hired by the King himself and it was her job to investigate things like this.

She slowly crept up to the spot where the tower had been yesterday. It could have been a Sorcerer’s Guild, a stronghold rumoured to be hiding Magic users and moving from place to place.

The grass, strangely, was marked with stones, which upon closer inspection, she found was marked with strange runes and symbols. She sniffed the air. A spell had been cast here. She had better senses than the average human. That was one of the many advantages of being a legacy of a god.

She tapped the runes. There had to a particular order, some explanation. She started circling the place. Only if………….. There was a stone, somehow brighter than the rest. She ran a hand over the markings and suddenly they glowed beneath her fingertips.

She only had a split second to think of what a big mistake she had made when her surroundings flashed and she was suddenly beside the very same tower she had seen. Except, here the grass was a strange purple and the sky was filled with an unnaturally bright light. Up in the sky, she could see the sun and the moon, sharing the vast heavens together.

She froze. No, she couldn’t be in another dimension. She had nothing planned ahead. If the Sorcerers caught her………………she was a goner.

As she stepped forward, a light flashed and she was thrown off her feet by an invisible boundary. Oh, no! She might as well be a beacon for them. There was a strange-looking cave nearby, so she snuggled into it and prayed to the Gods, even the ones she didn’t like, that they didn’t notice her.

All of a sudden, the cave shifted. Then, Eloise realized her blunder. Nothing was ordinary in a magical world. And if this wasn’t a cave, then…………………… The dragon she was sitting on unfurled its wings, leaving her exposed. She had to clamp down a scream as it took off into the sky.

For a moment, Eloise was so shocked that she could just cling onto the rocky surface of the dragon’s back, speechless. As time passed, they climbed higher and higher and she beheld the complete glory of the strange sky, with its pink and purple clouds. The dragon didn’t seem to notice her. There, in the distance, she saw a floating city, most probably sheltering a magical community.

That moment, life felt incomplete. As if there was a part of her that was missing. So, she just sat there, gazing into the magical sky. She would deal with whatever was waiting for her in that City after she reached there. Right now, she could do nothing but wait and enjoy the enthralling beauty of this magical world.

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