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A good person always should have an excellent character. Truth plays an important role in a person's character as it affects his image and reputation. In the school, from the kindergarten itself, teachers used to teach us about the importance of truth. But we often found that even adults tends to violate this lesson. Adults should be a role model for their children. Otherwise, children, who watch them will also go against moralities. Telling lies also affects the reputation of a person and his relationships.

          A good relationship can be maintained by telling the truth. A relationship can be a friendship or partnership business or family relationship. We can see that even a family relationship can be seriously affected by telling lies. We all like to have friendship with those people we can trust. Suppose, if we wear a new dress which doesn't suit us and we are going to a party along with our friends. Some friends will tell that this dress looks excellent and by hearing these sweet words, we will be happy. But some others tell the truth that it doesn't suit us. We might be unhappy initially in our mind and might even feel angry. But later on, we will realize that those friends who told us the truth will be our best friends and most trusted in order to keep a trustworthy relationship, truth plays an important role in our life.

         Truth also affects the reputation of a person and lies can even put the person into dangerous situations. Everyone must have heard the story of a boy who used to tell lies every time. Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a village. He used to say the lie"tiger is coming. Everybody, please come for my rescue.”So villagers without knowing he was a lier came for the rescue. But no tiger was there. He repeated every day the same thing. At that time also villagers came. But no tiger was found. Later on, one-day same thing happened. But no one came for rescue. That day the real tiger itself came and ate the boy. This means that if other people lost trust  in us, they won't look back. Thus honesty is one of the best policies to evaluate a person's character. So, be honest every time in our life, so other people will accept and respect us.

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