Education System – Problems and Solutions- By Maryam Nadeem

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Education is basically the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction especially at a school, college or university. Education is as important as oxygen because it gives people the knowledge and skills required for a better living. Oxygen is necessary for survival and so as education. Education is required for people of all ages and has no limit.


According to a survey made recently, Finland has the best education system in the world After Finland it’s Japan which has maintained its second position for three years, despite, tough competition by South Korea and other countries. Then the third country which has worked well in the sector of education is South Korea. It has brought immense development in the understanding of students. Then there is Denmark which has taken a huge leap from 8th position to 4th which is not bad. The country rating the fifth position in the field of education is none other than Russia. It has a good teacher-to-student ratio. Norway was on 16th position and has jumped 10 positions and has successfully gained the 6th position. Well with this it has a good teacher-to-student ratio. Then there is United Kingdom which secures the 7th position. It could get better if government could handle situations like giving good wages to teachers, arranging modern educational system for students and providing students with modern educational facilities. Israel is kept on the 8th position but it could grab a better position till the next year. Sweden secures the 9th position but it has been an industrious country in the development of students. However, it still has to work hard to get in the first five. The

Hong Kong is the country having the 10th position in the education system. In the last year Hong Kong was on the 14th position and in the blink of an eye it has grabbed the 10th position and it could get better and could be counted among the top five in the next few years


There are four main categories of education system in Pakistan. Firstly there is Matriculation system where Pakistani syllabus is taught in English and this is unaffordable for lower class families. Then we have the Cambridge school system where foreign syllabus is taught. This system is extremely expensive which cannot be afforded by middle class families. This is specialized only for high standard and elite class families. Then there is Maddrrasa school system where Quran and Religion are taught. The best thing about this system is that it is free of cost. But we cannot get a suitable medium of education there as well. The fourth and last category of education system in Pakistan is government school system where Pakistani syllabus is taught in Urdu. This system is affordable but just because of lack of attention and poverty this system has wrecked. There are many factors affecting the education system of Pakistan. It’s our nation’s responsibility to spread the education to everyone and retort problems.


Pakistan is a country where standard of education is decreasing day by day. Schools are hiring unprofessional teachers there is lack of infrastructure, quality of learning is poor, curricula development has become a controversial issue in Pakistan and teachers are not able to teach children well. The reason behind why school administrations are hiring unprofessional teachers is because they are not able to pay good salaries and they provide teachers with low wages. Another issue government should pay attention to is lack of infrastructure in government schools. Despite increase in budgets our government is not providing government schools with furniture etc. The greatest issue which is causing problem in the education system of Pakistan is schools having different standards and different education systems which puts students in depression and also causes anxiety. With the above mentioned problems Pakistani schools are facing many more problems which are still to be known and described.


         We people can make changes in the education system but the biggest change can only be made by the government. It can only be done by making amendment in the constitution. Instead of keeping mind only at one side which is blaming the previous government for what they had done  , our government should pay a little bit attention to the education sector by keeping an eye on what is going on in our schools, what kind of teachers should be hired. One mistake our teachers make is that they only pay attention to the class toppers and they ignore weak students which should come to an end. By solving these dilemmas other problems will also be handled gradually.




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