The Good old days – By- Ayman Muhammed

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The Miamus cast off from Port Luanda, Angola

It was a stormy and dark night, the waves were rushing above each other, and the wine barrels were rolling up and down, a tall man who is the captain of the ship, Mr. Milton rocking side by side. Suddenly, a volcano erupted from a far-away island, the ashes and molten rock daunted the ship and all the sailors were startled and agitated. It was a blood-curdling moment there were screams and cries all over the ocean. It seemed as if the volcano terrorized them. All of a sudden, a big splash of waves hit Captain Milton, then he fell off from the deck, he shouted to the others with his heart’s loudest voice.

“Abandon ship……Abandon ship…..” 2 sailors climbed aboard a small boat hanging on the side of the ship which normally used for emergency commuting. They rowed around the ship and rescued the other sailors but they couldn’t find Milton anywhere, meanwhile, poor Milton was drowning under the ship. Suddenly the Great Miamus sank and he almost went under the ship, but he managed to dive upwards. He saw his friends shouting at him to grab the rescue rope that they threw to him but the waves pulled him backwards. After a lot of struggle, he gave up and said: “This is impossible.”

Suddenly a large wave pushed the small boat far-away. Milton was very tired and dizzy, he drifted for some time and then he fell asleep and floated over the sea for hours and finally he touched the shore, by the time he could slowly open his eyes. However, he seemed to have a headache and fell unconscious throughout the day, he was only able to wake up the next day. He laid in the shore and sighed with relief and believed himself that he was safe on the island. He was starving and felt like his stomach was on fire. He couldn’t see anything to eat except a coconut, he broke that shell somehow and drank the sweet water of it and carved the fleshy kernel out of the coconut shell with a sharp stone and that meal he continued for some days until he found a forest and a small lake on the other side of the island.

He then feasted with the delicious fruits and berries that grew there and drank plenty of sweet and clear water from the lake. He finally got in a cave where he found himself that it can be a good shelter, in the cave he saw some writings on its wall that looks like which could be inscriptions by some ancient inhabitants who might have lived on that island centuries ago. At that moment he heard the sound of a ship being anchored and a loud chuff of a helicopter. The helicopter landed swiftly on the other side of the shore. He heard a voice calling out “Milton!! Milton!! Are you here?” he ran into the direction where the voice came from. He shouted back “yes…yes, I am here” the voice echoed and the rescue men came through the thick bushes and found Milton. “Oh Captain Milton how long we have been searching for you, the other sailors of your ship was rescued by the Ascension Island rescue team. From there they contacted the Angolan government and they sent us here to find you. I think you need some food and new clothes, luckily we have bought enough food for you.”

Then the captain said politely “thank you for your kind heart in rescuing me and inviting me for lunch. I am very much honoured and grateful to be with you, but you need to know something about the olden-days food.” They were perplexed and didn’t understand what he meant. Then he said, “In olden days people used to eat the fruits and berries that grew on the trees, wheat and rice which aren’t sprayed with pesticides or insecticides, whereas in the current world we eat the foods which are sprayed with some chemicals so that it preserved for a long period and wouldn’t spoil.” Then Milton took them to the lake from where he drank the water. He showed them the colourful fishes and said,“Each fish gives me 1000 ton of happiness …cacacan't you enjoy this beautiful sight..” then the rescuers looked at each other and whispered, “ has he got mad after that accident”…

In essence, Milton had explored and experienced the beautiful olden days through that small island where he stuck in accidentally. He had discovered the real taste of resources offered by nature by eating the fresh fruits and berries available at there and while looking at the pure and clean lake gives him a great amount of happiness and joy. Meantime, he realized that the resources occurring in nature which are being exploited for economic gain in our present life. Yes, we need people like Milton to realize God’s greatest blessing that is ‘Nature’!!…….

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