Parents- By Esther Rachel

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Parents are the most precious gift that God gave us. Unfortunately, we blame them for many things, when they are unable to meet our expectations. There is a famous quote saying that “When we have eyes we don’t value it much but when we lose it we will surely regret it because then only we will understand its true value”.

Let’s go through a story, Once upon a time, there lived a woman and her daughter. Her daughter's name was Tiya and was an arrogant girl. One day, as happened in the past she disrespected and neglected her mother words and went to school. Her mother was deeply disappointed with her but she never scolded her daughter thinking that it would hurt her. Her father died when she was 2 years old. Since then her mother worked really hard to make her daughter’s life comfortable without misery. She was an ill-mannered girl and always mistreated her mother.

One day when she returned home from school, she knocked on the door several times. However, her mother didn’t open the door. She opened the door with her spare key and saw the greatest shock of her life that her mother was on the floor covered in blood. Tiya became very nervous and called her neighbours. But unfortunately, her mother passed away. The police came to investigate the case and found that some robbers while trying to steal from their house killed her to get her gold chain.

Since then, She was sent to an orphanage as there was no one to claim as her relatives. She thought of her rude behaviour to her mother and then repented. But now, her loving mother is no more. She realized the value of her mother….

Dear friend’s we are so fortunate to have such loving and caring parents. We should always remember that they cared for us from the time we were a foetus. We should always care for them and love them. As Tiya we should not forsake our lovely parents for they are our most valuable gifts, no one can love us like our own parents. If they scold us we should understand that is for our good. No parent wants their child to be bad or unworthy. We should never forsake them but always keep them close to our hearts…


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