Indian Independence Day- Short Paragraph-By Ann Tony

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India celebrates Independence Day on 15th August every year to commemorate the nation’s independence from the British. On this day, every government building is decorated with light. It is on this day, each Indian pays tribute to each and everyone who sacrificed his life for us. The date of the Independence Day is 15 August because Lord Mountbatten- the Viceroy considered this date to be lucky. The national flag of India is the symbol of independent India. Our national flag is referred to as Tiranga which means ‘tricolour’. The national flag is also a symbol of unity of the people in spite of the difference in language, culture, religion, caste, etc. We all are equal before the constitution. The colour saffron represents courage and sacrifice. The colour white denotes peace and truth. The colour green represents faith and chivalry. To enjoy the spirit of freedom and independence and to remember the sacrifices and lives that we have lost during the struggle, we celebrate Independence day. The Indians celebrate this day with great patriotism and nationalism. It is not only a celebration of freedom but also of the unity in diversity of the country.

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