Even I have a Dream!- Afifa Mastura

  • Contributed by : Afifa Mastura
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  • Class : 8
  • Age : 13
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  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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Each and every day, I see children of my age going to school,
It is unjust, it is cruel.

It is hard to accept that we are the same age,
The same bird; one free, the other one in a cage.

We all have the same rights, but where is my share?
They get all privileges, this isn't fair.

Even I have dreams,
But it isn't as easy as it seems.

I wish to lead a normal life,
But as of now, it is hard for us to even survive.

I wish I could go to school,
"Fetch the water, look after your siblings!" that's the rule.

I wish I didn't have to cook food every day,
No one appreciates it anyway.

For once I wish I could be those fancy dresses,
Isn't there anyone who could hear our silenced voices.

I wish we had a permanent house to live in,
For once, our chances of survival won’t get thin.

I wish I could eat to my heart's content,
But we get out of food again and again.

I wish I had a friend with whom I could talk my heart to,
But pleasure isn’t my thing; I have a lot to do.

For once I could rest from the duties imposed upon me,
For once I could be free.

I wish we won’t run out of errands,
I wish I could be with my parents.

Yet again these are some mere wishes,
After all, all my dreams burn to ashes.

Even I have a dream, I dream to be heard,
I dream to be a free bird.

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