The life of a bird – By Malavika Vinod

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Clarice was impatient. Great Mother, the oldest pigeon in the flock, had told her the best place to lay her eggs and Clarice wanted to discuss it with her mate, Albert. The sun was setting and the sky was deep red. Suddenly she heard the steady beating of wings. It was from Albert. He cooed to her in a loud, clear voice. And with a gentle thud, he landed on the nest. He had bought some grains for them to peck in. ‘Albert said Clarice: ‘Great mother has told me a perfect place where I can lay my eggs. Can we move to there tomorrow?

Albert thought for a minute and replied,’ all right Clarice dear. Where is this place? ‘It is only two minutes from here. There is a small, cozy nest built too.’ So, as planned, Clarice and Albert took off into the sky at early dawn. After some time they reached their destination. It was a wide, long windowsill. As Clarice said, there was a small nest, big enough for a bird. Albert flew off to collect some soft feathers and clothes that can be used to make the nest soft. Clarice stared around. An embroidered orange curtain had been drawn tight across the window from inside.

It was almost noon when Albert returned. He had brought some feathers and lots of grains. He was surprised to find Clarice sitting in the middle of the nest, her blue eyes shining as bright as sapphires. ‘What happened? Albert’s words were cut off by a gasp. Clarice moved aside to reveal two white eggs, gleaming in the hot sun. They cooed happily at the top of their lungs.

Meanwhile, the children who lived in the house, Mary and Isabelle, who were playing in the nursery heard the cooing and rushed to the window. ‘Come on Isabelle, maybe a beautiful pigeon again might have laid some eggs’, told Mary, running as fast as her legs would take her. ‘Yes, sister. Oh, it will be amazing to see the eggs hatch ‘replied Isabelle, trying to keep up with her sister. The girls reached the window and as Clarice watched, they slowly drew the curtain back. Mary gaped as she saw the two white pigeons perched on the window sill, their big eyes staring at them. But she also noticed suspicion in the doves’ look. Sensing fear, Mary and Isabelle went back to their nursery and continued playing. The next day, Mary opened the window and put some grains and a bowl of freshwater for the birds. Week passed. Clarice and Albert were eagerly waiting for the eggs to hatch.

One day, when Clarice was sitting quietly, she heard the noise of a crack. She moved aside and saw cracks on the eggs. Her heart began to beat fast. One more noise came! Now she could see two small beaks. Another loud crack was heard and the baby birds came out of their cozy eggs. They were beautiful little creatures with cool, blue eyes. Clarice stroked them gently with her beak. Then, the baby birds snuggled under her soft, feathered body and fell asleep. For the next few days, Albert and Clarice were very happy enjoying with their children. They decided to name them Amy and Clara. The squabs grew bigger day by day. When their wings were big enough, Albert and Clarice hid in another windowsill nearby and watched them unknowingly. Amy and Clara starved for days.

One day, desperate to see some food, they fluttered their wings and tried to fly. They jumped from one edge of the windowsill to the other. And, finally, at their sixth attempt, they flew! Flew into the air above the sky. Meanwhile, Clarice and Albert looked happily with mere satisfaction, at the new life they had created in the world.

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