All Alone- by Ardra Binoth Lonen

  • Contributed by : Ardra Binoth Lonen
  • Status : Student
  • Class : 10th
  • Age : 15
  • Mode : Simple
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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There was a time when
We were all together.
Like the sound of the ringing chime
All-day summer
We ting the bell on our bike,
Riding around the river.
Laughter was our past time
Until there came this thunder.

And now, our ship has wrecked
I turned around and you weren’t there.
Now I feel an overwhelming pain,
Moving around
Inside my vein.

But now is not the time to weep,
what we’ve to do
is uncover and seek.
All together we partake
Like a mass that’ll never flake.
Now I can see the blazing light
pursue my dream
and shine bright.

And hey! I’ll never give up
I can walk on fire
when the wind blow-up.
Together, we’ll prove them wrong,
We can break a glacier
And claim we’re strong.


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