Salutation to my ancestors- by Ayman Muhammed

  • Contributed by : AYMAN MUHAMMED
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  • Class : 5
  • Age : 10
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  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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They fought for us
Without even asking for a penny,
Without a weapon or sword
But with valour and peace.
With an irenic voice and marching
They are the great freedom fighters
Who gave us the light of liberty

They didn’t ask to be a leader
As they are the achievers
To make friendship and peace
To make unity among religions
Together we will dream
To build an incredible team.
Together we must plight
That we wouldn’t fight
White means peace,
So don’t fleece

Saffron means sacrifice,
So let us be nice
Green means prosperity,
So let us give charity
Blue means the sky,
So all must gratify.
All the colours make
The beauty and law of India.

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