The choice of change- By Krishnendu Venugopal

  • Contributed by : Krishnendu Venugopal
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  • Class : 8th
  • Age : 13
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  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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There is a chest now far away,
Cursed and betrayed it lures you away-
To the lands of hate,
Where no love ever exists.
The sad and fallen,
Who had no strength for strife,
Reside without any attention.
There is a door, secret and hidden,

In some unknown land,
The key to it reveals a place,
Full of happiness and joy,
Which one will you reach?
Well, that is a choice…
Follow ignorance and anger,
Greed and selfishness-
For sure, you will find the cursed chest.

Be kind and noble,
To all beings of the world.
Follow the virtues and principles of life,
Be honest and respect all,
Whether friend or enemy-
And then, you can find the door,

Open it to find the treasures of life,
Our friends, family and everyone,
Who makes you smile.
It is your choice,
Don’t be a silent being,
Give the world a reason,
To remember your name

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