An unforgettable dream-Krishnendu Venugopal

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          Last night, I had a dream. I am not sure how to express it. It was beautiful in the beginning, but as the time passed it became terrifying. At first, I saw something that surprised me. I was standing in a place from the time my parents were kids. It was as wonderful as they had described their childhood. Still, I was not sure how it had any connection to my dream. I stared in awe at the ease of nature.

           But, there was something wrong about it. I could not only see people and animals, but also the spirits of nature. I could see how the spirits of trees and plants enjoyed seeing the children play and the birds chirping from the branches as they happily danced in the breeze. A face so clear in the blue water, smiling as the fishes swam through it. At night, I was even more shocked to see people from the stars watching their loved ones on earth.

           There was harmony and peace everywhere, laughter echoing through. But sadly, it did not last long. As more people came around the treasures of nature, their greed grew too. The time shifted and I saw more recent things. The face in the water that had once been clear and beautiful, was withered and brown and crying in agony as people polluted it. People started destroying forests and using the resources mercilessly. The spirits of trees and wildlife screamed and pleaded to spare them as they writhed in pain. Each day the nature grew weaker. They begged me to help, but I could not do anything but stay and watch.

         The time shifted again. This time, there were natural calamities that hit people hard. I could see that the nature expected people to change and have mercy on them. But, alas! People never changed. They just became more and more cruel. At last, in the present time, I could not bear to see anymore, I screamed and wept. I saw a figure forming in front of me – the water, sky and land merging together. She helped me to my feet and spoke in a hoarse voice .

        “Look at what your race has done. You call it development of technology? I would rather call it self-destruction. In the greed for comfort, you willing to lose everything valuable – not gold or silver, but the treasures of nature, it’s resources. Once we stood in glory and enjoyed playing with you. We protected you from many things. We sustained your life and this is what you have done for us – destroy us. You humans never valued us. We never wanted to harm you but we are left with no other choice. I sent corona virus not to punish you but to teach you how I felt when you are destroying nature. The virus will leave after completing its job. Remember, your life depends on nature. Wake up for a new day with a fresh new goal. Ponder on how much you have still got to do for the nature on your behalf.”

        With that I woke up in a cold sweat. I realized it was a message – a message to be carried forward and spread. That is when I decided to serve for the environment. Let’s start during this lockdown, a helping hand for the nature. Let’s make this lockdown a useful and fruitful one. This is a message for mankind- a message of great concern. Let’s make a change by taking this as each one of ours responsibility. Let’s be courageous during these testing times.

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