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In today’s world technology has reduced sharing notes through letters. We folks nowadays share our cherished messages through whatsapp, snap chat, and several other apps. Nevertheless the feel in conveying a letter to your dearly loved friend is completely overwhelming. Enclosed with this, here is an example of a letter written to a best friend who moved away.

To – best friend who moved away7

Roused friend (name),

 It’s clear that I am already living in an atrocious world. Neither a companion nor an arm to lead me through my life, seeing that you went but then again distance doesn’t matter alongside hearts are close.

A few weeks ago I started writing a story, something I made from beginning to end and I’ve relished it so much that the products of my pen are piling up.

What could be nicer when sitting before an open window enjoying nature, listening to the bird's sing. I feel so peaceful and safe here. My father arrived with a piece of exhilarating news which credited a noteworthy beam on my look. To let me know about an uncle named Mr Harrison was a paralegal sailor due to which acquiescently my friends and I are accepted for a passable voyage en route for the Arctic Ocean. Mere words weren’t enough to express my delight. Nevertheless, the fear and trust in me had to wake me up as of from the devil and angle side.

The next day, we arrived at the port after hearing numerous “stay safe” notes. No offence, but I felt one of my friends started exaggerating as you might expect. With the tides, we carried with our first experience. In the beginning, my friend and I went for a swimming race. You won’t believe but tactlessly her leg smacked a rock and she happened to bleed due to which we had to stop our race. Thankfully she’s stable.

Practice makes a person perfect. Mr Harrison isn’t a good sailor and I am fed up of hearing him bragging all the time. At about 1-1.30 PM, it happened that fate made us watch a nightmare happening to us. Oh dear, I just can’t express what I felt at the moment, wish you were there.

The craft unexpectedly started moving with a shiver down my spine, I was the first one to scream. "Don’t find Mr Harrison wrong, it wasn’t his fault, it was due to the moment of tectonic plates". As mentioned in Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god because of whom earthquakes take place. But somehow, it’s also our fault for triggering landslides due to which this happened.

Fortunately, we weren’t in the middle of the shore and just began the trip, for that reason we are safe.

We have all been a little confused thinking from where had the earthquake begun, even the journalists are yet confused as it happened so fast. I still have hopes that all comes back to normal, and lives might survive. And then again, my first encounter in the sea got ruined. I know I sound so normal while penning the shocking news in our area and I hope you are safe and sound there.

Your dear friend

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