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Do you know that trees form the pillar of every breath we are gulping?? What it is, a building without pillars, a family without love? Basically trees are the pillars to every breath we are gasping just like how pillars maintain a building and how love ties a family.

Impact of us on trees….

Every sunny morning, gazing through my window eyeing at those beautiful trees hovering with the wind. With their lush green leaves, they provide beautiful scenery and a pleasing view to y (our) eye. To utmost regret, pollution, deforestation, and the toxic gases produced by the burning of plastic is the main reason why our society is getting wrecked subsequently.

Whether or not of saplings, due to air pollution, acid rain is caused which in turn damages trees and turns soil and waterways acidic. Likewise, high levels of carbon exercised by pollution destroy the crop yield which affects femininity and poverty intensely. Furthermore, deforestation affects soil erosion and coastal flooding tremendously.

Plants help the land to retain water and topsoil, which provides rich nutrients to sustain additional forest life. Without forests, the soil would erode and wash away, causing farmers to move on and perpetuate the cycle. Thus, pollution and deforestation are truly destructive to our Mother Nature.

Nevertheless, these demolitions are turning up in front of our eyes, following the trend like other folks we end up goggling at it instead of eliminating them for the sake of our future generation. Being a responsible citizen isn’t difficult because humane lies in every heart. The balance needs to be taken place within us.

Do we respect trees via our activities…..?

Knowing, trees form a major resource of our life. Essentially, without them, life wouldn’t be sustainable. Homeless get shelter, hunger get foodstuff, carpenter gets wood, rich get cloths, and patients get medicines besides these there are countless lucrative we obtain.

More overly bushes offer us air to breathe without which life doesn’t withstand on this globe. Is it really important for us living a luxurious life while on the other hand trees are getting annihilated in this sphere? Here are a few simple tips which we all can follow to save our motherland, a small change brings a big difference.

  1. Firstly, don’t waste paper and use double sides of a sheet.

  2. Secondly, plant a tree.

  3. Thirdly, use the 5r’s which are reduce, reuse, recycle, refuge, and repurpose stuff.

  4. Fourthly, avoid sending greeting cards, sending greeting cards aims to express our love and respect to the person but due to this countless trees are cut for paper instead of this we can have a meeting or a call with the individual to wish him/her on the auspicious occasion.

  5. Lastly, make saving trees a personal commitment.

These daily habits can not only save trees but also save lives.

If there were no trees…..

According to science, the thin layer of atmosphere protects the underlying metal from corrosion caused by oxygen, water, or other chemicals. Aluminum burns in oxygen with a white flame to form the trioxide aluminium oxide. Furthermore, the natural gas on the planet will upsurge which will sabotage the planet entirely. Thus, without trees, life isn’t possible.

According to economics, all God's creatures will die and humans wouldn’t be able to live, as oxygen wouldn’t exist any longer. At the same time, the high level of increase in carbon dioxide will burn the earth.

Ought our motherland to suffer copiously because of our bad feats? “People say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, and you just never thought you'd lose it.”

As a responsible citizen of the global world, it is our duty to protect them. A perfect human is the one who pays back.

Notes from the Author-Being a mortal, currently, we care about ourselves extra than others nonetheless this, however, may affect us too indirectly. By means of knowing the reality of this world, mistreating living ones similar to trees. Through this article, I am penning down, a small change brings a big difference. Hence, let us start defending tress from end to end rising moral habits within us.


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