If i were a seed- Essay/Speech by Sanvitha Reddy

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Not to mention, life is not fair.

Let the wind hover without a mention of me

Let the storm dance high in the sky

Let my soul fly up free in the sky

I just crave the world,

To let my spirit out

To let me stay free from death,

With no life… no worries but one, freedom.

What comes to your mind, when you hear about me? A seed within which a plant forms. Do I deserve to be named as a petite seed merely? Do I deserve death with no fault of mine? Being a seed, I entitle that I am the gladdest and gloomiest mortal you have ever met. Well, you see, life sustains only because of me, a plant. Therefore, don’t you think about saving me? You do need to. Let me give you a glimpse of my life.

I spent most of my time in a small jar that was possessed by my owner. My group and I hold our horses all time long for the prospect to be nourished and cultivate into a healthy bliss plant. Sooner or later, an hour of daylight arrived when our anticipating craving befell true. Mere words weren’t sufficient to describe the delight which I felt then.

My birth story – At the time I was planted, I was in ample darkness as you might expect. Good things come to those who wait. Together with this, I tolerantly lingered for time to pass and I grow into a plant. Being truly grateful, to be bought up in a family resembling this. Enclosed with pleasure I screamed with delight all-time elongated.

What could be nicer than sitting before an open window enjoying nature, listening to the bird's song? I feel so peaceful and safe here.  As time elapsed in this way, I was ongoing into a fine-looking plant. There remained a stage when a point of view wedged my mind whether I would die soon. Nevertheless, the fear and trust in me had to wake me up in the form of the devil and angle side. Will humans kill me or save me? All the same, neither a companion nor an arm to lead me through my life.

Going back to my story, on the trial of satisfying a lot of care predictably, I was absolutely grown to a good physical shape plant. Therefore, I am grateful that my family treated me as expected. However, the time has come to meet my final destiny. Time has come to be served on plates. From the time I was a seed, I always wished to be consumed by others and be an assistance to them in others lives. That evening, whilst I was finally cooked into parathas. Although having mixed feelings, I was blissful. The entire family sat around the table with me and the solitary thought which rioted around my mind was “the time has come”. More's the pity — when it was my turn, nobody was hungry anymore. I was thrown in the dustbin. That was how my journey came to a disappointing end. I cried out my tears. “No this cannot happen to me. No”. My never-ending question has ended with the answer, “You are absent. You are useless. You are nothing but a plant’’. After going through a dreadful fate, I would like to share a note to the upcoming generation of humans or mortals.

When we waste food, think about the millions of individuals in misery starving for nutrition. Lately, we all are suffering as of COVID-19. Because of the virus, lakhs of people are anguishing with the financial crisis. However, if we take this problem as an opportunity and habit it, there comes a godsend on saving food and aiding those in need.

Throwing away food is equal to stealing food from the needy and poverty.

While concluding my piece of writing. Knowing my dreams are shattered. Knowing my history was hunted. Knowing my future is in misery. Up till now, I covet the trees and saplings to be saved

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