The True Mentors. By Aymen Muhammed

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A day in school

Doesn’t meant to be a duel.

Your school is like your home

And it is not a far-away place like Rome

As schools are our homes

Teachers are our second parents.

It doesn’t matter who our teachers are

It matters in the love, care and skills.

It doesn’t matter how high

The hill is for us to climb.

As in between there educated teachers.

It doesn’t matter how long

The track is for us to run.

As we have our teachers

As mothers to encourage us.

It doesn’t matter how heavy

The portions are, for us to carry.

As we have strong teachers

For giving us a helping hand.

As my teacher  enters the class

We get tons of knowledge and ideas

It feels as if my crevasses are closed

It feels as if I have travelled the world

It feels as if I am ideal and perfect

They  made me the person who I am now

they were the one who

Encouraged me to read and write

So with all my might

I say they are my true mentors!!……


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