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The loudest animal in this world needs your voice. This anonymous quote will break your heart. People have presumably hunted animals from ages which is neither a hobby nor an absolute necessity. Despite being pushed into almost extinction, still, people around the world continue to butcher them. The real question is…. Why?

As per Wikipedia, whales are a widely spread and various group of fully placental aquatic creatures. Hauntingly, these gentle giants almost rule the ocean. Going more deeper, still below the location, over million whales are killed every year for his or her meat and body parts to be sold for marketable gain which is indeed harmful to life. Living with the fear of being killed is miserable than one can imagine.

Currently, in many countries, the hunting of whales is prohibited as its nothing but a life lost for the luxuries which humans are enjoying. However, some countries like Iceland, Norway, and japan argue that hunting and eating whales are an essential element of their culture. Numerous coastal communities in Japan have indeed assailed whales since ages,.however, all the way down to the core, the consumption of the whales has only become widespread during the World War Two,  at the time when the food was scarce. Imagine being killed for someone’s else profit.

Although there are plenty of whales being hunted,  fin whales are the most unfortunate victims from ages. The products obtained from the flesh of the fin whales are utterly utilized in the globe and currently, it is estimated that only 100,000 fin whales are alive.

The life of whales is threatened primarily because many countries around the world ignore the  International Whaling commission's suspension on profitable whale hunting. Ocean pollution is also a contributing factor leading to habitat loss and eruption. If we don't act now,  the next generation will only see whales in pictures and we will regret for our ignorance and mistakes we did regarding whales.  Let us use our collective conscience to raise our voice against this cruelty. Let's use the collective power of social media to organise campaigns to raise awareness in the society so that together we can save whales from getting extinct.

“An animal's eyes have the ability to talk an excellent language.” Martin Buber

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