The Importance of Forgiveness- Speech by Nadia Mustaq

  • Contributed by : Nadia Mustaq
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  • Age : 14
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Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and all my dear friends a very good morning to one and all. Today I stand before you to speak on the topic ‘The Importance of Forgiveness’.

Before I start, I would like to ask what is forgiveness? Yes, forgiveness is the ability to forgive or to be forgiven for the mistakes that one has done. Let me tell a small incident by which you can really understand how important it is to forgive our loved and dear ones in this world of ours.

My friend Reshma lives in Karnataka. Her mom, Mrs. Kathie Rose was a fun loving, cool, bold, strong and active woman. She was the member of the Mahila Sammelan (Woman’s Right Association). On the other hand, Reshma’s father Mr. Sam George was a drug addict. No one liked his presence. He and Mrs Kathie  used to have frequent fights. One day, unfortunately the fight got extreme and he went on physically hurting his wife. The next day Mrs. Kathie left the house. Uncle realized his mistake and went to ask for forgiveness. He found her at her sister’s house. He confessed in front of her and asked to forgive him for all hard and harsh thing he did to her. However, she refused. She thought that Mr. Sam should pay the price for his mistakes. Mr. Sam was now very sad and  depressed and thought that there is no point in living. Later he committed suicide. When Mrs. Kathie came to know about this, she understood the big mistake she had done and out of grief and the thought of guilt ,she too committed suicide. If she had forgiven uncle and tried to make him a better person then it would have saved two peoples life. Rather than getting disappointed over the rejection,Mr. Sam  could also could have tried better. This has really been hard on Reshma. The tragic part of this story is ,All together three precious lives shattered and perished.

So, friends hope you understood my message that I wanted to convey to you.

The first and foremost, a noble habit  one has to develop in himself/ herself right from childhood is the act of forgiveness. No matter what it takes but we must learn how to say sorry for the mistake we have done and as well as learn how to forgive others in order to strengthen and smoothen our relationship with them once again. Let’s try to make this world a better world and convey this message to all the people around us.

Positive factors of forgiveness:

Strengthens  your relationship with others

You will have a good  feeling because you have done something good, and a positive attitude is necessary for a happy living.

You will move one step towards being a good human.

Some people think that if we ask for forgiveness then it means we lost. Like for example. In an office there was a quarrel between 2 employees in deciding which presentation should be presented to the CEO. They shouted one another and behaved in a harsh manner. Both of them refused to ask for forgiveness to each other, thinking that they will lose the battle here. This is how our world is friends. We need to change this mentality. I would like to draw curtains by saying:


                                                                THANK YOU!


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