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“A room without books is sort of a body without a soul.”

Good morning dear teacher and friends. Today I’m going to speak on the subject, My favourite book. What’s your favourite book? Allow the book to ramble in your mind until I share mine. In our current generation, technology has indeed replaced books however the ability expressed through a book isn’t completely replaceable by any source until the interest lies in every soul.

“The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank remains my favourite book so far. Once or twice, you all must have heard about Anne Frank... As a girl despite being from the Jewish community, during World War Two when countries were assailing one another with no look after the life lost, it absolutely was the sole victory that mattered.

This diary was written by a 13-year-old schoolgirl, who went into hiding after her sister was called to a German work camp. Later, the very fact was proved that mankind didn’t last in every heart. After being betrayed they were sent to the concentration camp where Anne and Margot died due to the typhus epidemic though only Otto Frank, the father of Anne and Margot, came out alive. Well along, he found the diary of his daughter and took initiative to urge it published following Anne’s last wish.

Addressing her diary entries to an imaginary friend she called ‘Kitty’, Anne Frank wrote about life hiding, including her impressions of the alternative inhabitants of the key Annex, her feelings of loneliness without a companion, and her frustration over the shortage of secrecy. Living with the fear of being dead was miserable however she also expressed the positivity which she had during the toughest challenges. Though knowing she had limitations in life being a woman, she had wide dreams to pursue and alter the planet along with her vision.

I say, she was brave enough to verify and trust that folk are good inside, while they behave oddly every now so.

If you ask me what I gained by reading the diary of a young lady, let me share. Firstly, the diary was really inspirational and taught me that I should live my life with the hope of happiness and to remain positive because you never know when it can be the tip.

I don’t want to provide a full summary of the diary. Besides, I’d suggest all read the book and feel it. Lastly, the identical thought-provoking quote, “Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude” – Anne Frank.

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