The Adventurous Tales of the Mendler twins – By ArdrA Binoth

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The special Christmas eve birthday wish

Christmas, everybody’s most favourite time of the year. Well……., not everybody’s. Garry and Marry, the Mendler twins hated this time of the year as they were born on this very day. They were never really happy to share their birthday with each other and this special holiday at the same day. They always argue and fight this day and ruin the fun of this day.

But this year was surprisingly different. They seemed quite nice. There were joy and laughter at the Mendler’s. What had happened? Was this a Christmas miracle? Let’s find out.

It was Christmas eve dawn. Grumpy Garry woke up and started trashing his bedroom. Brenda, his mother, rushed to his room to check out what the noise was. The moment she entered Garry’s bedroom, she felt like she was in Dumpsterwill, a land in Garry’s favourite storybook which she used to narrate to him when he was a small child, it’s where all unwanted trash is tossed.

She asked her son anxiously, “what on earth are you doing?” Garry replied furiously, “I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! I can’t take it anymore!” Brenda sighed and asked, “what is it now?”

Marry jumped up from behind Brenda and started complaining, “isn’t it obvious? Garry and I want our own separate birthdays. We can’t share our birthday together anymore. We have to share our moments to shine, our presents, our cake, everything!” Garry interrupted, “every year instead of celebrating my special, y’all celebrate Marry as well and if that’s not enough, all of you surround a stupid pointy tree and sing ridiculous Christmas songs.”

Both the twins then exclaimed at the same time, “I wish I had my own birthday all to myself, without any of you. I want a whole day with just me and my birthday!”

Brenda sighed, sat down and rubbed her face and said, “okay fine if that’s what you want. Marry, you can get your own birthday and so can you Garry.” And she leaves worried and thinking of a way to fix this mess.

Later that morning, the whole Mendler family – Hank, Brenda, Jack and the twins sat down at the table to have breakfast. The twins were all so excited and happy. Hank – their dad, chuckled and asked them, “what’s up with the happy faces?” and Garry stood up with joy and said, “mom told us that we can have our own separate birthdays.” Marry interrupted and continued her brother’s sentence, “yeah! Separate special day only about ourselves, which means separate presents, separate moment to shine and separate cakes. Everything all to ourselves.” Everyone at the table was upset to hear it and continued their meal silently.

Later that day, Jack, twins’ elder brother came to them and started an interesting conversation. He asked the twins, “have you ever heard of the story of Harley, a middle school girl who always wished her life to be different from the one she already had and ended up regretting she ever made that wish?” The twins replied that they haven’t heard of the story and asked Jack curiously to narrate it to them. Jack continued, “pay close attention, this is going to be fun!”

‘‘Harley was a middle school girl, who never liked her reality. Her parents were always on job tours and rarely even got to talk. She used to describe her younger sister, her only sister Nicole as a big box of nuisance. Harley always wished for friends, as she didn’t have much. Her best friend was her cousin Rachel. But one fine morning, it all changed. All of Harley’s wishes came true.

When she opened her eyes in the morning, her mom was standing in front her, wishing her, “Morning!”, holding her breakfast in hand. Harley was overjoyed to see her mom after a very long time. Harley went to her parent’s bedroom and saw her dad. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy as she finally got to see her parents.

That day she went to school with a big smile on her face. This was a completely different week for Harley. With the joy of her parent’s return, she studied and prepared for her exams like never before. And got all straight A plus. She even nailed her school play audition and won many prizes in school. She got many friends. She finally got the life she has always wished for. But there was still one wish that didn’t come true. ‘No sister’. She hardly showed any affection to her little sister. A few days have passed and everything was so lively for Harley.

One day when Harley returned home from school, her parents gave her some news. Her parents were going to settle in a town across the country for their new job, and they were taking Harley with them. Harley was first not satisfied with this plan, thinking that she was going to lose all her friends, but with a second thought, she agreed with her parents. She was really excited to go and make some new friends. But this excitement didn’t last long.

Her parents gave her some bad news as well. They were not taking Nicole with them. Harley was crushed. She told me that she could not leave her little sister. Her dad then told, “Hey! At least you got your wish come true. You never wanted her around right? Isn’t that what you wanted?”

She said, “Sure it’s true that I never show any love for Nicole. And I’ve wished several times that she would go away. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love her. We fight many times a day and I’ve called her many names, but I never actually mean what I say. She is my little sister. I can’t say goodbye to her. It’s too soon!” Harley’s parents appreciated her thought but they still wouldn’t take Nicole with them. The place they were going to live was too risky for small children and their job manager wouldn’t allow them to take kids on this trip.

Now Harley was so depressed and angry. She rushed to her sister, who had no clue of her family leaving to across country, and tried to spend as much time with her as possible. But time was running out. Two days later, Harley and her parents left, leaving Nicole with her Nana. Harley couldn’t bare it. She kept on crying and regretting she ever said that she never wanted her sister around her.

With that sudden emotion, she jumped up from her bed on her heels and saw that it was all a bad dream. She went downstairs and saw her parents, who were actual doctors getting ready to go to work, and Nicole, eating her breakfast and annoying her big sister as usual. Harley was so relieved and was happy with her life from thereon.”

Jack concluded his story saying, “you see guys, you should always be careful with what you wish for because once it comes true, you may not always like it and may end up regretting like Harley. Just imagine, what if tomorrow, as per your wish, papa and mama might separate you and you wouldn’t like.”

Just then Brenda walked in and said, “that’s right kids. You should know that there is no one in this like you, each of you is a half and when put together, you’re one. You shouldn’t be separated.”

Garry and Marry gave each other a guilty look. Garry was feeling very bad and told marry, “look sis, mom’s right. I shouldn’t have wished for a separate birthday. I’m so sorry.” Marry then with tearful eyes told Garry, “I’m sorry too bro. We good?”

They both made up with each other and thanked their older brother for the fascinating lesson teaching story and went downstairs to celebrate their Christmas eve party.

Moral of the story:  Be careful what you say. You can say something hurtful for ten seconds, but ten years later, the wounds would still be there.-Joel Osteen

 Quote for the story: It’s better the foot slip than the tongue.

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