The Bewail of an Elephant

  • Contributed by : Saanvitha Reddy
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  • Age : 13
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Elephants have been victims of human greed for decades. Imagine an elephant living without a tusk. This poem is written from an elephants point of view

As the sky dusk, they approach
With weapons erudite in gladiator,
Startled, comes a bloke with his gaiter to our crater.
Heart drubbing for liberty nevertheless
Mind brainwashed with trust.

Knowing dreams are shattered;
Knowing history was hunted;
Knowing the future is a mystery;
For a piece of chain and ring,
For guises and ivory;

Life is taken, the tusk is taken, future is taken, all is gone.
Instead of life you choose,
A piece of chain and ring,
Just beauty and ivory.

 Not to mention, life is not fair.
Let the wind hover without a mention of me
Let the storm dance high in the sky
Let my soul fly up free in the sky
I just crave the world,
To let my spirit out
To let me stay free,
With no life… with no worries but one, freedom.


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