Cries of Heaven- Benita Biju

  • Contributed by : Benita Biju
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  • Article type : Poetry
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Seraphs crowded with angels,
Flowing out the wave of cries.
Oh! Humans full of staples,
Raise your thoughts to the skies.

You fastened yourselves in chains,
So strong and so wrong.
And when you waste your gains,
You jump about like a frog.

You sit to pray so keenly,
With destruction in your hearts.
To show cruelty off-screen.
Will you divine your ends?

O’er your hands we gave,
The unending stream of life.
You made it a grave,
And ruined it alive.

We made you poor and rich,
To test your giving skills.
And the rich put on their greedy switch,
While hunger closes the poor for the kill.

Which river should be constructed,
To flow your sins across.
When should your lives be interrupted,
To colour your lives across.

An intense and orange ball of fire,
Put together by God alone.
Will come to change your sinful bonfire,
Humanity will breathe cologne.

Better you change, Oh common men!
Or else you’ll wake up to see destroyed.
Cries of heaven will flow on you,
Resurrecting the sanity, we once had.

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