Rain drops- By Saanvitha Reddy

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Emma drove through the tears and the rain. Her mind had been stuffed with so many unsettled thoughts that she had little or no memory of the drive.

Her throat hurt from crying. Nothing but her life was filled with betraying. She pulled over at the petrol station, lit a cigarette, and then drove to the marina where she lived. Was she worthy, of this betray, of this hate over love?

Cracking the window with the cigarette, took a drag and felt the burn in her throat she screamed out in the top of her lungs, whilst the dark pools of droplets of rain falling on her sleeve.

From childhood, life always turned its reverse card on Emma, as if it played Uno. She woke up different day by day with bruises over her face. Through with trying to work who was along with her, against her, walking down the centre because none had the heart to choose aside. There was no good outcome at anything. Gradually, she realized opinions were a dime of the dozen, loyalty wasn’t a word but existence. Security is what she needed which she never received in her childhood. Security in money, in lifestyle, in necessity.

Living as a fatherless daughter, bought nothing but sadness, through bullying. But….. It was today that her life changed….. Not due to money, job but because of her own kith and kin, her spouse. Ever since she met him, he seemed too loyal and innocent, the person she dreamt of in her dreams.

But it didn’t go the identical, he hid something very big that Emma couldn’t take it off her mind. No solution would make this alright again. Her world was tilted and everything would vary from now on. She thought she knew him. Trusted him. Right along she felt he was different from others. He was honest. Quiet. Damaged. He had luggage he couldn’t share with Emma.

He was a decent man. A person of her dreams. A person who took care of her. More overly, a person who loved her. Then again there was something missing, trust.

Things changed from the day they met to now, he had take her to an extended drive, spend time along with her instead he was away making money on his own. Hiding everything from Emma. For some reason, he was doing right, for some reason not.

It wasn’t fair. Not fair the least bit.

The rain eased a bit, and she looked around the sky from her left side car window. Then down the sea. She knew one thing sure enough. She was not going to miss this place at any bit.

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